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Renderings: First African-American owned crowdfund moves forward on entrepreneur incubator

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New images provide a peek inside the 30,000-square-foot East Point building

Rendering of two-story black building with windows.
New life is en route to this East Point property.
Renderings: Xmetrical

Shortly after its launch last June, the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, the first African-American owned crowdfund, embarked on its mission “to be a capital partner and funding source for local Atlanta area investors, developers, and deal sponsors,” as founder Jay Morrison told Curbed in December.

As its first project, the fund purchased a 30,000-square-foot building in East Point previously owned by Atlanta-based management company CarterBrothers.

After a planned transformation, Morrison said, the property would become the fund’s Legacy Center.

While Morrison continues to keep details to a minimum, the building remains slated for use as an entrepreneur incubator and production studio.

This week, TREF released detailed renderings by architecture firm Xmetrical that provide a glimpse into the project.

Spaces include an airy atrium upon entry, offices and cubicles, conference rooms, lounge and kitchen space, event space, and, of course, production studio space.

One exterior is labeled “Blackhouse,” but no explanation has been provided regarding that title.

Given that another rendering features “Legacy Center” on the side of a building, maybe they are two separate entities?

UPDATE: Per TREF officials, Blackhouse Studios will be the name of the in-house production studio.

It’s also not entirely clear who will be working in the building, which is owned by more than 12,000 local families in addition to other TREF investors.

One thing is certain: Those answers should be coming this summer, because officials say the building is set to be complete in time for a June 2019 opening.

This story was updated to add new information provided by TREF officials.