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Perky 1920s bungalow renovation in West End targets $450K

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Built-ins and period touches abound in a place where prices keep rising

A refreshed facade on Lucile Avenue, a home for sale in West End right now.
A refreshed facade on Lucile Avenue.
Keller Williams Realty Atlanta

Last spring, this 1920s bungalow on West End’s Lucile Avenue was marketed as “the mother” of renovation potential, brimming with exterior stonework, original hardwoods, wide doorways, and fetchingly tall baseboards.

That strategy appears to have worked, as the property is back on the market this week, following a night-day redo that’s perky on the outside and wide-open within.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence stands about three blocks from entrances to the Beltline’s Westside Trail (at Lucile Avenue and Gordon-White Park), and less than two blocks, in the other direction, from West End Park.

Housing costs in West End have swiftly risen in recent years, to the point that houses priced in the $450,000 range are not abnormal.

This is one of three renovated bungalows from the era currently asking around that amount. Another listed at $475,000 is under contract.

Living room built-ins off the front porch.

With its boldly blue exterior and sunburst motif below the roofline, the bungalow in question was listed this past weekend for $449,000.

Achieving that number would set the West End high-water mark for a home of this size (2,200 square feet), records show.

The rear of the house appears to have been expanded at some point, and ceilings now climb to 10 feet, while elsewhere, the original hardwoods were indeed incorporated into the redo.

Driveway parking provides a place for vehicles away from the street, while the backyard is like a huge blank slate, with at least some fresh fencing and one cutesy shed.

The dining room’s statement piece.
Kitchen dimensions, now expanded.
Seating for four.
View into another seating area.
The master bedroom.
Master bathroom, with tiling echoing the kitchen.
Room for an expanded deck.
Period-appropriate backyard shed.
The property as listed last year. It sold for $215,000 in May.
The Home People Realty Corp.