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‘Meticulously’ renovated Mangum Manor ranch near Cascade seeks $275K

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Although barely qualified as ITP, the home does sport some attractive qualities

Gray brick house with wood columns.
An updated but understated facade near Cascade Road.
Krystle Chanel Photography

Minutes from Interstate 285, off Cascade Road in Mangum Manor on the city’s western fringes, this 1960 brick ranch cleaned up well.

That fresh exterior paint and those wood accents on the front porch carry over to the interior, which contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,662 square feet.

Although hardwoods run throughout the house, the most notable wood accent is that corner wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the open floorplan. It’s a definite detour from the normal room divider, at least for this era.

As part of the three-and-half-month renovation, the house also received a new roof, granite countertops in the kitchen, and, not to be overlooked, that bright blue barn door on the master bathroom.

An unfinished basement provides potential for an additional bedroom, office, or recreation room, although it’s unclear exactly what could go there since there are no listing photos of the space.

Wide open spaces.

The listing also skips photos of the backyard, leaving potential buyers guessing as to what resides behind the house.

Stretching the realities of its actual location, the listing goes on to say the property is “nestled close to the Beltline,” but the reality is the Beltline—whether the Westside Trail or Southside Trail—is not even a little bit nearby.

Even so, the current asking price of $275,000 could be a great entry point for potential buyers looking to score an ITP address.

The open floorplan brings together the living room, dining area, and kitchen.
Small, but functional.
Kitchen decor that takes chances.
Lots of counter space.
That blue barn door stands out.
The master bathroom.