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Versatile, outdoor event plaza could be on deck for downtown government building

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The Fulton County facility could also be primed for an atrium upgrade

a picture of the old building
After decades at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Pryor Street, the government building could use a refresh.
Google Maps

Roughly three decades after downtown’s Fulton County Government Center was built, the facility is due for some upgrades, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

On Wednesday, the county’s Board of Commissioners will review a proposal for what could become a roughly $1.2 million overhaul of the building’s front stoop.

In 2016, officials came up with a design that would have resulted in the Government Center’s entry plaza becoming a glistening water garden.

Blueprints show how the plaza green space could be formatted for events.
Fulton County

The following year, county leaders approved a $1.4 million budget for the water plaza project, although it looks like that plan has fizzled out.

Recent designs call for a more open, pedestrian-friendly plaza that could be used to host nearly 500 people for events.

The new idea will cost about $230,000 less than the water garden idea to build, and, over the course of 30 years, cost roughly $1.26 million less to maintain, according to those plans.

Should the county commission approve the proposal for the plaza revamp, officials could move forward with design development and permitting.

The existing fountain could be replaced with a marble Fulton County logo.
Fulton County

The Government Center’s atrium is also due for an upgrade, which could entail ditching an old fountain and waterfall feature (the water pumps have had issues since at least 2015), replacing a decorative pyramid at the Justice Complex bridge entry with marble flooring, and upgrading lighting with LEDs.

These projects wouldn’t be the first time downtown government structures were reworked to accommodate the general public in recent years.

In 2015, a 60-year-old parking deck was replaced by Liberty Plaza, a gathering space across the street from the Georgia State Capitol.

Fulton County