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Photos: Dotted with public art, Beltline trail between Edgewood, DeKalb is now open

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Straddled by the Edge mixed-use complex, Eastside Trail section will be laden with retail soon

A photo of the Beltline trail
After rain delays, a highly anticipated connection is finally open where Old Fourth Ward meets Inman Park.
Photos: Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

Soon enough, Atlantans will be able to cruise from Piedmont Park all the way to Memorial Drive without leaving the Beltline.

Last month, Beltline officials said the Eastside Trail extension linking Kirkwood Avenue to Memorial Drive was about 85 percent complete. (A Beltline spokeswoman said that leg of the trail should be pedestrian-ready in coming months; December rain slowed the progress.)

And today, a small but mightily important stretch of path connecting Edgewood and DeKalb avenues—where Old Fourth Ward meets Inman Park—is officially open.

Four female Atlanta artists (Molly Rose Freeman, Lela Brunet Raymond, Laura Vela, and Lauren Pallotta Strumberg) created the 90 by 90-foot mural on the side of Edge.

Looming over the newly paved path is the Edge mixed-use development, which will ultimately have 350 apartments and 27,000 square feet of retail offerings.

Edge developer North American Properties has also brought a smattering of unique public art to this new part of the path. (Also new: a trailside palm tree).

Take a look at these exclusive photos below.

This section “features an eclectic collection of large metal sculptures curated by one of the original founders of Mellow Mushroom,” according to an NAP press release. “Banks Weinstein has spent years traveling the world and collecting unique memorabilia to serve as points of distinction for each Mellow Mushroom restaurant.”
The sign says, “This art is a slice of reimagined materials and creations on loan from our friends at Mellow Mushroom.”
Speaking of a Mellow Mushroom.
A close-up of materials the bull is made of.
The south side of the trail’s new leg, looking east along DeKalb Avenue.