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Eccentric midcentury house delivers intown Atlanta seclusion for $875K

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Updated 1967 oddity near Lenox Square is described as “pristine”

A midcentury modern home for sale in Buckhead’s Pine Hills right now.
A facade like few others in Atlanta.
Keller Williams Realty

Just a mile and change from the commercial crush of Lenox Square, this exquisitely different midcentury dwelling is nestled on a wooded acre that’s secluded enough to seem a world away.

Find it on Bonview Lane in Pine Hills, tucked off Lenox Road, near a babbling creek. Built in 1967 and clearly well-maintained and renovated, the property brings a cool juxtaposition of varied rooflines and towering trees.

With a lava lamp shy of 3,000 square feet, the home itself summons buyers unafraid to be different, with its catwalk, greenish kitchen cabinetry, and facade that induces double-takes.

It’s an instance where a room-by-room graphics breakdown (thankfully provided) is crucial for fully understanding the function and flow.

Moving inside, beyond that peerless garage floor, clerestory windows usher light across a cathedral ceiling and down upon contemporary built-ins and new carpeting made of wool.

The window walls are described as “industrial” and the serene views—from three private decks—as “beautiful.”

The asking price, as posted this week, is $875,000.

Records indicate it last sold for $653,000—a few grand over asking—in 2011.