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Developer aims to honor Roswell history with renamed Southern Skillet Plaza project

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Substantial mixed-use development is planned about two blocks from famed Canton Street

Rendering of office and retail buildings.
A planned gathering spot for Roswell.
S.J. Collins Enterprises

The Southern Skillet Plaza redevelopment in Roswell just received a new moniker.

Drawing upon the city’s history, including the Southern Skillet diner that remained a community hotspot for years, and a desire for this new mixed-use development to become a central meeting point for Roswell, S.J. Collins Enterprises announced its latest endeavor will be known as Southern Post.

It’s planned to rise about two blocks east of the northern OTP city’s famed Canton Street.

While searching for the right name, Jeff Garrison, partner at S.J. Collins Enterprises, enlisted the aid of Chaz Easterly, a 10-year Roswell resident who owns Linen & Flax Home, to help with the name and logo for the project, per officials.

Easterly spent some time researching the city’s history and artifacts at the Roswell Visitor’s Center and the Roswell Historic Society. What impressed and inspired her most was how the city evolved through the residents that first called it home.

As a result, Southern Post was born as a way to honor Roswell’s historical charm while looking to the future and the new development’s aim to become a gathering spot for current residents.

Plans for Southern Post include up to 50,000 square feet of retail space, 70,000 square feet of office space, 260 parking spaces, a parking deck, 128 apartments with about 200 residential parking spaces, and green spaces.

The groundbreaking for Southern Post is expected later this year.