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Gulch-size Chosewood Park parcel for sale, ready for mixed-use redevelopment

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The 40-acre site is zoned to allow dense commercial and residential projects

a picture of the redevelopment site
Will a Gulch-size mini-city work right next to a federal prison?

Another big chunk of unassuming railroad-adjacent property could one day become the site of yet another major mixed-use development.

Dubbed “The Sawtell” by JLL’s land and development services team, the 40-acre parcel sits along Chosewood Park’s McDonough Boulevard, sandwiched between the South Atlanta neighborhood and the city’s federal penitentiary.

The site is being marketed as a “mixed-use development opportunity” and is within the Federal Opportunity Zone, which means it could lend “significant tax benefits to equity investors,” according to the property’s LoopNet profile.

Primed for infill development, The Sawtell currently houses two buildings totaling 166,000 square feet of rentable space, so investors could move forward with a phased redevelopment sooner than later.

Google Maps

The current zoning at The Sawtell should offer an opportunity for dense commercial and residential development, not unlike the similar-size Gulch site.

Like Pratt-Pullman Yard, the gritty, worn-down property also makes money as a set for various TV and film productions.

It also offers close proximity to the Beltline’s Southside Trail-to-be and easy highway access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and downtown.

Investors’ offers are due by March 28, after which a clearer picture of the blank slate’s future could begin to emerge.