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Renderings: Throwback building rising from one of Glenwood Park’s last buildable lots

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Project on future Beltline aims to echo “craftsmanship and depth of detailing that were once celebrated hallmarks”

An aerial view with the area’s planned Beltline section.
An aerial view with the area’s planned Beltline section.
Renderings courtesy of Historical Concepts

Positioned between the Atlanta Beltline’s under-construction Eastside Trail extension and engineering work on the future Southside Trail segment, a Glenwood Park office project is rising that’s more significant in style than stature.

Atlanta-based architecture firm Historical Concepts, which also has offices in New York, has broken ground on a four-story office and retail building on what officials described this week as one of Glenwood Park’s last undeveloped parcels.

The corner lot, situated at the intersection of Bill Kennedy Way and Faith Avenue, is across the street from Fuqua Development’s KroBar-anchored Glenwood Place, fronting a future Beltline trail piece.

A perspective from the Kroger-anchored shopping center.

The classical design was inspired by early 20th century buildings in downtown’s Fairlie-Poplar District and along Edgewood and Auburn Avenues.

The intent is to recapture “the craftsmanship and depth of detailing that were once celebrated hallmarks of commercial architecture,” Historical Concepts officials relayed in a press release.

Historical Concepts president Andrew Cogar noted that “careful attention was paid to every detail so that it fits seamlessly into the context of the site and historic fabric of the area.” Those details include large double-hung windows that echo office buildings of yore on upper floors.

Meanwhile, the first floor was designed “to create an authentic experience for passing pedestrians and vehicles; large storefront windows with transoms above and wood panels below engage the sidewalk,” per the release.

In the early aughts, Historical Concepts designed live-work buildings along Glenwood Park’s Brasfield Square, where the company’s offices currently are, in addition to townhomes on Bill Kennedy Way.

A corner perspective, as would be seen approaching from Interstate 20.

The throwback office building is expect to finish late this year.

When it opens, Historical Concepts will take 7,000 square feet on the third and fourth floors, while the second floor will offer 3,683 square feet for the same use.

At ground level, expect 2,777 square feet of retail, restaurant, or office space primed to greet Beltline patrons of the future.

The parcel in question, a year ago.
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