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West of downtown, $325K Mozley Park bungalow heralded as ‘techie’s dream’

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Yet the reimagined 1930s property has lingered on the market since Thanksgiving

A blue house for sale in Mozley Park Atlanta right now.
A case of the blues on Wellington Street.
Keller Knapp Realty

About three miles west of downtown Atlanta, this renovated 1938 bungalow is being pitched as a blend of historical charm and high-tech features with a convenient locale.

Yet despite its attributes and relatively low price, compared to similar stock in nearby places such as West End, it hasn’t lured a buyer after several months on the market and a couple of price adjustments. Time for a closer look.

Perched over Wellington Street, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom Mozley Park dwelling is separated from picturesque Westview Cemetery to the south by Interstate 20, maybe a half-dozen blocks from the Beltline’s Westside Trail.

In front, parking is relegated to the street, but more convenient features (heat-combating porch fans) and high-tech upgrades (fingerprint touchpad entry) also begin there.

Facets contributing to the property’s “techie’s dream” description continue with a WiFi thermostat, plus heated floors and wireless speakers in the master bathroom.

Overall space doesn’t come skimpy (2,378 square feet), and the sense of openness is heightened by 10-foot coffered ceilings in the main living areas. Walls are versions of white for neutrality.

Unsold for about four months, it initially listed for $359,000 just after Thanksgiving and has since been discounted twice.

The latest price, as listed by Keller Knapp Realty, is $325,000.

The main living space, upon entry, with a cove at left and coffered ceiling above.
Aspects of the opened-up kitchen area.
The high-ceilinged master bedroom.
Master bathroom.
Vessel-sink approach continues in the second bedroom.
A party-ready wraparound deck.
New fencing leads back to what project reps say is alley-accessed parking.
The yard, in autumn.
Railings that match the back deck.