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Chamblee set to extend multi-use Rail Trail, launch Peachtree Road streetscape project

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Paved path could one day link to the Atlanta Beltline via the Peachtree Creek Greenway

A segment of the Chamblee trail envisioned as “Restaurant Row.”
An early rendering of the planned “Restaurant Row” along the Rail Trail.

Chamblee’s popular multi-use path, the Rail Trail, is about to grow substantially.

On Friday, officials representing the quickly urbanizing metro Atlanta city plan to celebrate groundbreakings for a Rail Trail extension and major streetscape project along Peachtree Road.

Currently, the Rail Trail—essentially Chamblee’s own little Beltline—snakes through the city’s residential and commercial districts, linking pedestrians and cyclists to the Chamblee MARTA Station and nearby Keswick Park.

Plans for the Rail Trail extension and Peachtree Road streetscape projects.
City of Chamblee

The extension would integrate the Rail Trail with the streetscape project—think wide sidewalks, street furniture, on-street parking, and new greenery—along Peachtree Road.

If all goes well with those projects, which are funded by TSPLOST money and expected to wrap construction within a year, they could pave the way for the Rail Trail to one day connect with the Peachtree Creek Greenway, which is expected to then link with the Atlanta Beltline, according to Reporter Newspapers.

A map of the planned Peachtree Creek Greenway.
Peachtree Creek Greenway, Inc., via Reporter Newspapers

Once the Rail Trail hits Peachtree Road, it will jut west to McGaw Drive and east to Pierce Drive.

Plus, three-way stop intersections with pedestrian crosswalks will be added at Peachtree Road’s intersection with Malone Drive, Miller Drive, Pierce Drive, Chamblee Dunwoody Way, and American Industrial Way, according to a city news release.

The new rail trail segments will include, among other things, wildflower beds, a ropes course, zip line, interactive water features, a boccee court, and potentially a large public park.