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In East Lake, an entire subdivision of modern-leaning houses is rising

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Thirty-five residences will be girded by woods near East Atlanta, starting in mid-$400Ks

A drone’s perspective on two housing styles at The Forest.
A drone’s perspective on two housing styles at The Forest.
Screengrab via YouTube; all images courtesy of UrbanCraft Homes

Promising exteriors that will make for a unique community experience, a project fittingly called The Forest at East Lake is materializing with prices that could seem attainable, relatively to nearby neighbors in East Atlanta and Kirkwood.

The UrbanCraft Homes venture will encompass 35 houses once built out, all surrounded by 10 acres of canopied green spaces and a creek. The subdivision is tucked off Fayetteville Road, just south of East Lake Golf Club and the neighborhood’s Publix.

The styles of each home, per early photos and renderings, will lean modern, urban farmhouse, or soft prairie.

According to listing agent Beth Ann Clanin, prices begin at $465,000 and climb up to $520,000. Like the lots themselves, Forest houses will be quite large, ranging from 2,200 up to 3,100 square feet.

“We aren’t building the same home facade within eight homes of each other, which means we won’t likely have more than three to four homes that would be the same in the community,” Clanin wrote in an email to Curbed Atlanta. “Some homes will only be built once.”

A community overview. The street at top is Fayetteville Road, just south of Publix Super Market at East Lake.

Here’s a quick look around the community’s model home:

And a sample of various offerings, in renderings:

A style and floorplan called The Phlox.
The Sumac.
The Trilium.
A standard name by comparison, The Poplar.