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Downtown scavenger hunt this week rewards Atlantans who explore the neighborhood

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Central Atlanta Progress is challenging people to ditch the car and experience the city from its parks and sidewalks

A photo of downtown’s iconic ATL shaped slide.
A photo in front of this landmark will earn hunters 50 points.
Curbed Atlanta

This week, Atlanta motorists have a few more reasons to ditch the car and try hoofing it around downtown on their own two feet.

One of those reasons is the chance to win free Atlanta United tickets.

Five Stripes tix are among a variety of prizes available to participants in Central Atlanta Progress’s Downtown Walk Challenge, a five-day exercise that encourages—and rewards—people who opt to experience the neighborhood on foot.

Hosted by CAP’s Downtown Connects program, the event features a scavenger hunt and other puzzles that allow Atlantans and visitors to rack up points and earn free things.

Potential takeaways include two Atlanta United tickets (for the grand prize winner), a doughnut breakfast for the office, movie tickets, a Walter’s Shoes gift card, a FitBit device, and more.

To join the hunt, people must download the Scavify mobile app and search for “Downtown Walk Challenge.”

From there, the game is on, offering trivia questions such as:

Central Atlanta Progress/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID) have developed a plan for aproximately 14 acres of new urban green spaces atop a platform that spans the I-75/I-85 downtown Connector and ‘stitches’ downtown back together. What’s the name of the project?

(Hint: It’s “The Stitch.”)

And other challenges:

Take a selfie or group photo in front of ATL Playground in Woodruff Park.

This free program is a way to curb carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion, but it’s also an opportunity for downtown to showcase why it’s earned such high marks on the walkability tracker Walk Score.

It isn’t the first program recently that’s incentivized trying alternative modes of transportation.

The Atlanta Regional Commission’s Georgia Commute Options initiative just wrapped its latest “Get on Board” event, which offered commuters $5 a day to test out a clean travel option.

And with Atlanta docked as one of the nation’s worst cities for car commuters, there are few reasons to trudge through traffic, the thinking goes, if a pair of comfortable shoes would do the trick.