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Houses on gravel roads still exist in Atlanta, and this one costs $425K

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Grant Park residence is just south of booming Memorial Drive, though it seems rather remote

A fittingly welcoming porch along Narrow Street, which echoes yesteryear Atlanta.
A fittingly welcoming porch along Narrow Street, which echoes yesteryear Atlanta.
Village Realty

This might seem like the outskirts of Dahlonega, but it’s actually within yodeling earshot of Memorial Drive’s building boom, where hundreds of millions in investment and an Atlanta Beltline connection is underway.

And this particular listing could test intowners’ desire for walkable amenities against their tolerance for living on a rare gravel road.

Yes, Grant Park’s appropriately named Narrow Street is still unpaved, counting just three addresses and lending a feel of rurality minutes from downtown Atlanta.

It’s tucked away about three blocks from Memorial Drive, just south of Cabbagetown’s Petit Chou eatery and Grindhouse Killer Burgers—an area colloquially known as Taco Town.

The three homes of Narrow Street, as seen in 2010.
Google Maps

The westernmost house, 656 Narrow Street, listed last week with Village Realty for $425,000. Fronted by a welcoming porch, the three bedroom, two and a half bathroom dwelling has stood since 2007.

The total space of 1,228 square feet, for a two-story dwelling, speaks to the size of most rooms. But it could be a solid entree into the historic neighborhood for a smaller family or couple uninterested in living excessively large.

There’s little in the way of a back deck, although the tiered patio area with grill is nice, if hardly secluded.

Memorial Drive might not provide Atlanta’s most pleasant pedestrian experience, but coming attractions such as Atlanta Dairies, Madison Yards, and the existing Larkin are all within easy hoofing distance.

Records indicate the property hasn’t traded since the sluggish economy of 2009, when it sold in foreclosure for a mere $140,000.

The living room, off the entry.
Kitchen with doorway leading down to the backyard.
Master bedroom with custom closet storage.
Master bathroom.
Upstairs hallway leading to the two secondary bedrooms, one of which currently functions as an office.
Hangout options in the backyard, with same for the neighbors at right. That home is also on the market, listed by Redfin and recently discounted to $417,500.