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Cobb County’s first shipping-container development has officially arrived

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“Gathering spot” complex in downtown Austell is fed by onsite urban farm

The Austell gathering spot has sprung, and here’s a photo!
A recent scene on the Volkstuin patio.

In Atlanta, shipping containers have been repurposed recently as modernistic homes, restaurant additions, and even a planned bar amidst a dog park.

Now, the relatively quick, trendy, and cost-effective building option is popping up in what might seem an unlikely place: Austell’s central business district.

About 17 miles west of Atlanta, north of Interstate 20, the shipping containers are one component of a venture called Volkstuin (pronounced “Volk-stine”), which blends eco-friendly lifestyle options, farming, social/work spaces, and urban-style walkability.

The project, as conceptualized in renderings released last summer.

According to Volkstuin rep Melody Lundstrom, it’s the first development to incorporate shipping containers in Cobb County. A daylong grand opening is planned Saturday.

“The business’s primary goal is to provide fresh, affordable food to the local community that struggles with access to fresh food,” Lundstrom wrote to Curbed Atlanta in an email.

At a formerly underused site among Austell’s brick-lined streets, the 1.5-acre venture includes an urban farm, patio, office spaces, and two shipping containers that now house a bar.

Neighboring the shipping containers are these office suites.

Offerings include craft beer and wine, shaved ice, smoothies, coffee, and a local market. Many products are sourced from Volkstuin’s onsite farm.

The Volkstuin grand opening celebration, beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, will host yoga classes, market shopping, a wine and cheese event, and live music.

Wondering what’s up with that project name?

Roughly translated from Dutch, it means “kitchen-garden.”

The largest available office space is just over 200 square feet.
How the property looked in 2016.
Google Maps