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Original Georgia Dome model randomly emerges at auction—and nobody’s bidding

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The minuscule stadium needs at least $500 by 3 p.m., per online government marketplace

a picture of the model Georgia Dome
A little reminder of the discarded stadium.

A year and a half after the Georgia Dome disappeared into a cloud of smoke and rubble, toppled by a (less than perfect) dynamite demolition, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority is selling an original replica of the Atlanta Falcons’s former downtown digs.

Now for sale on, the itty-bitty stadium created by Omni Models stands just 20 inches tall, 49 inches long, and 57 inches wide. It’s listed in the category “Fine Art” in condition noted as “good.”

As with some other limited-edition collectors items, it’s not cheap.

The spiraling ramp additions are a complete mystery.

As of 8 a.m., the little Georgia Dome—which features additional spiral ramps and other exterior features that didn’t materialize at the real one—is up for auction starting at $500.

(By that math, a model of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which cost some $1.6 billion to build, would go for about $3,700.)

It doesn’t appear anyone’s put in a bid yet, and the auction ends at 3 p.m. today.

This peculiar memorabilia recalls the time when, before the Dome was destroyed, officials started selling off just about everything inside it.

Season ticket-holders had the first dibs on buying their seats, some of which are still for sale, beginning at around $600.

The Georgia Dome as pictured in the 1990s.
The Georgia Dome, as pictured in the 1990s.