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The scoop on Edgewood’s rising flatiron house, a true original

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Tall, slender “Caboose House” is designed to create an intown treehouse experience

The Edgewood flatiron house project as seen this week.
The project as seen this week.
Curbed Atlanta

Wedge-shaped architecture is hardly new to Atlanta. Downtown’s 1897 Flatiron Building, which predates the more famous one in New York, leaps to mind, as do private residences along Marietta Street and more recent examples in Old Fourth Ward.

But few pie-shaped houses are so eye-catching as what’s happening in Edgewood right now.

Positioned a few blocks off Moreland Avenue on Ericson Street, a project called “Caboose House” stands out among more traditional neighbors—a result of design responding to a challenging site.

Curbed Atlanta

It’s the work of Atlanta-based i20 design, and the name stems from aspects of the home resembling a locomotive, according to the firm.

The flatiron characteristics place the house parallel to a creek and spare mature trees on site. More typical Atlanta design elements—a large porch and third-floor patio—face away from the street, aiming to create a treehouse-like feel from all levels.

Now topped out and wrapped in sheathing, the tall, slender structure will offer three bedrooms and two a half bathrooms among 2,000 square feet.

“Because the shape of the home was a response to the site, it seems almost naturally placed and balances beautifully within the site,” writes architect Thomas Campbell on i20 design’s website.

Inquiries to the architecture firm this week regarding potential price and other particulars of the design—Is the roof accessible? Is it street parking only?—have yet to be returned.

We’ll update this post with any further details, but for now, have a look at the preview below.

A rendering of the structure’s street-facing side.
i20 design
A long patio and deck aims to capitalize on creek views.
i20 design
Ground floor deck.
i20 design
Between first and third floors.
i20 design
The kitchen and living room, flanked by a bank of windows.
i20 design
The structure’s footprint as construction began.
i20 design