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In shadow of downtown, formerly blighted three-bedroom aims for $275K

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That buys a double-decker porch and entry to “Atlanta’s next up-and-coming neighborhood,” per the listing

The property’s parking pad off Bass Street.
The property’s parking pad off Bass Street.
Keller Williams Realty

The latest evidence that Mechanicsville is attracting investment dollars comes with a remodeled two-story just south of downtown, a property sellers say had been moldering since the Great Recession.

Listed by Keller Williams Realty at $275,000 last week, 389 Bass Street SW is described as being an entree into the “middle of Atlanta’s next up-and-coming neighborhood.”

Counting three bedrooms and a new parking pad out front, the house has stood since 2007 eight blocks west of the Connector and just south of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, which is a straight shot to Georgia State Stadium and the forthcoming housing, offices, and food-beverage options of Georgia Avenue.

The home’s renovator, Greg Mortimer of Kismet Holdings, said the former “real eyesore” had sat vacant for a decade. (We’re starting to sense a theme here.)

Photo courtesy of Greg Mortimer

“We like to improve neighborhoods,” wrote Mortimer via email. “Very proud of this one.”

Perks include a double-decker porch, the fresh and functional kitchen (hello, farm sink), and first-floor windows that could be euphemistically described as childproof. Pertinent numbers: 1,704 square feet, two and a half bathrooms, and one new HVAC system.

Records indicate the property has traded for as little as $19,000 in 2015 but most recently moved for $110,000 last summer.

As standalone houses go, it’s Mechanicsville’s most expensive option at the moment, though at least one slightly larger home has closed for more this selling season.

Meanwhile, a batch of modern-style Mechanicsville duplexes on nearby Crumley Street saw larger units fetch close to $400,000 last year.

The shiplapped foyer space.
Cozy living room off the entrance.
The kitchen, with farm sink and natural light.
What’s designated the master bedroom.
Bathroom off the staged bedroom.
One of two secondary bathrooms.
The recently fenced backyard.