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Beltline proximity at $628K Glenwood Park offering could be hard to beat

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Two balconies and 2,500 square feet on Bill Kennedy Way

The connecting point between the Beltline’s Eastside and Southside trails is pretty much the front yard here.
The connecting point between the Beltline’s Eastside and Southside trails is pretty much the front yard here.
Photography courtesy of Mikey Johnson, Realty Association of Atlanta

As the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside and Southside trails complete construction and/or interim accessibility, the connective tissue between the multi-use corridors will be Bill Kennedy Way, a two-lane street that spans Interstate 20 from Reynoldstown into Ormewood Park.

And this Glenwood Park property has staked a front-row seat to all of that activity.

“[It’s] literally a step from the Beltline,” listing agent Mikey Johnson with Realty Associates of Atlanta wrote to Curbed Atlanta this week. “Pretty rare opportunity to live in this neighborhood without sharing walls.”

Via the sidewalk out the front door, and painted bike lanes on the street, this four-bedroom by builder Hedgewood Homes will indeed have unique proximity to two different Beltline sections. Johnson told Curbed he’s preparing to list it for $627,500.

Coffered wood beams punctuate the very open floorplan.

Behind a leafy wall, the property has two balconies, three and a half bathrooms, and about 2,200 square feet, according to property records. Johnson sends this note regarding square footage: “It’s actually 2,540 square feet, according to the appraiser. The tax records show the original builder’s square footage without the finished lower floor.”

It last sold new for $423,000, back in 2015.

Inside are what’s described as “custom builder upgrades throughout,” with touches like natural wood coffered ceilings and a brick backsplash.

Beyond the Beltline, attractions include Glenwood Park’s retail and tucked-away park, plus the multitudinous mixed-use offerings coming to fruition on nearby Memorial Drive.

An unexpected library ladder.
Recessed speakers in the kitchen, and views to the back balcony.
A tucked-away beer fridge and bar area.
Front balcony and one nifty baby swing.
Master bedroom.
Master bath.
Colorful kids’ quarters.
A large, flexible space.
Two-car garage with additional parking.