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Officials insist Atlanta’s tallest proposed sky-rise is still ‘going forward’

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Mum’s been the word on Midtown’s No. 2 Opus Place tower—but could that be construction activity?

The closely watched 14th Street site, as seen Thursday.
The closely watched 14th Street site, as seen Thursday. A ceremonial groundbreaking was held here 18 months ago.
Photos by Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta

Despite signs of construction and percolating interest from local crane-watchers, sources in Atlanta’s development world are all but mum on what’s happening with one of the city’s most closely watched high-rise projects in years.

Little news has emerged recently about the progress of 53-story No. 2 Opus Place, the tallest proposed sky-rise in Atlanta.

This week, however, project officials supplied Curbed Atlanta with brief confirmation that the tower, which is now slated to feature 182 condominiums above some 214,000 square feet—seven floors—of commercial office space.

“The project is going forward,” said Lori Lane, senior vice president of holding company Berkshire Hathaway’s New Homes Division.

Heavy equipment and soil removal spotted at the 14th Street site would seem to support that.

The proposed tower would rise to roughly 730 feet—potentially Atlanta’s fourth-tallest building.
Renderings by ArX Solutions, via No2 Opus Place.

“We are very pleased with where we are,” Lane added.

For more details on the project’s status, we’ve contacted developer Olympia Heights, architecture firm Perkins+Will, and business organization Midtown Alliance, largely to no avail. City records lend few clues.

Outside interest is obvious, as tipsters have continued to reach out regarding heavy machinery sightings and other aspects of what could be Atlanta’s most significant skyscraper in more than a decade.

“This morning, a dump truck left the site with a full load,” one reader said.

“I’m told that they’re starting construction, but it’s been postponed so often I felt for sure it was just going to be nixed,” wrote another, adding: “Friends who have contacts there tell me that they’ve been continuing to fine-tune the floorplans, which suggests continued movement.”

Lane did not respond to inquiries regarding exactly what construction crews are doing on the site.

There have, however, been some updates from the condo marketing perspective.

A month ago, new listings popped up, including details for a nearly $4 million unit. Others cost from the mid-$600,000s and up.

More options showed up last week, asking about $1.4 million for two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The listings carry this claim: “ATL’s fastest selling pre-construction residential tower! Only two left!”

Some listings say they’re available for open house visits June 23, a reference to the elaborate onsite sales center.

Berkshire Hathaway’s website says condos are available from the $600,000s to $12 million. Residences are expected to boast high ceilings, balconies, and other posh amenities.

When exactly onlookers will begin to see vertical construction, however, remains to be seen.

Decorative construction fencing that’s stood along 14th Street for years.
The size of the high-profile site is apparent from this perspective.
A view portal for 14th Street pedestrians.