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Serenbe’s priciest house is a modern-rustic showstopper, but will anyone fork over $2M?

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Secluded five-bedroom at New Urbanist community is actually walkable to shops, eats

The backside of 807 Middleton Way, in south Fulton County’s Chattahoochee Hills.
The rear exterior of 807 Middleton Way, in south Fulton County’s Chattahoochee Hills.
Clickit Realty

The agrarian, utopian New Urbanism experiment that is Serenbe has seen a handful of home sales north of $1 million—and up to a record $2.2 million—in the past couple of years.

But most of those properties have embraced more traditional designs.

Pushing the architectural envelope a bit more, with a style that blends rustic elements with modern lines, this five-bedroom property has found no such luck since listing a few months ago.

A long gravel drive wraps the residence.

With a stance like a contemporary barn, topped with a metal roof and clad in rough-sawn siding, it’s Serenbe’s priciest home listing at the moment.

Technically located in Fulton County’s Chattahoochee Hills, about a half hour southwest of the Atlanta airport, the home occupies a secluded half-acre with views to Serenbe Sables, but it still counts walkability to the community’s shops, art galleries, restaurants, and various outdoor recreational options.

Other attributes include a versatile, private rear patio with pool and hot tub, a home gym, and righteous basement bar/theater room combo with a 100-inch projection screen.

Counting 4,500 (heated) square feet, it listed via Clickit Realty on March 5 at $1,950,000 and hasn’t budged since.

Also worth mentioning: the $154 monthly HOA fee. Which, at this price point, is probably the least of any buyer’s concerns.

Main living quarters—and bucolic views—at the back of the home.
Rustic beams and recessed speakers overhead.
Concrete countertops in the kitchen.
Double-dose of barn doors in the master bedroom.
Concrete continues in the master bath.
Rusticity applies to a bunkbed, too.
Murphy bed in a downstairs flex room.
Theatre room with ample bar space.
The partially covered patio with woods and pasture vistas.
A property overview, from the hill ’round back.