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Photos: East Lake’s Hosea + 2nd project wraps third corner, signs key tenant

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Also, the shuttered Mary Hoopa’s is being replaced by Korean food concept Salaryman

A newly constructed office and retail building, adorned in white and blue, stands over a wide sidewalk dotted with trees.
The office building where Purpose Built Communities is now housed.
Images: Hosea + 2nd/ReDevStudio

Near the point where East Lake, Oakhurst, and Kirkwood converge, the budding mixed-use Hosea + 2nd project is celebrating another construction milestone as it wraps up its second phase of development.

Hosea + 2nd, named for the East Lake intersection of Hosea Williams Drive and 2nd Avenue, now occupies three full corners with restaurants and office space.

The development team—a partnership of Mike Nelson and Clay Harper, owners of Fellini’s Pizza and La Fonda Latina, as well as Jay Martin and Nathan Bolster of ReDevStudio—has announced the conclusion of Phase II and the introduction of a new tenant to replace the shuttered Mary Hoopa’s restaurant.

A lofty white hair salon fronts a laid-brick parking lot at Hosea + 2nd.
A hair salon at Hosea + 2nd.

The former fried chicken and oyster joint will be the new home of the Korean Wives Hospitality Group, restauranteurs known for local eateries such as Noona Steakhouse & Oyster Bar, Ramen Station, Son of a Bear, and Suzy Siu’s Baos.

KWHG plans to turn Mary Hoopa’s old building into its latest restaurant, Salaryman.

The development team is still seeking two more restaurant concepts to fill the remaining spaces, officials said.

The developers also relayed that Purpose Built Communities, a consulting organization focused on combating poverty by helping create mixed-income housing, educational opportunities, and other wellness initiatives, has officially moved into the site, taking a full floor of a new office and retail building.

The completion of the first two phases “represents the realization of a community-based vision for a thriving ‘main street’ in the heart of East Lake with restaurants, offices, and other offerings,” said ReDevStudio’s Martin in a press release.

Take a look around the project, designed by NO Architecture and built by Pelle Development Group, with the photos below.

An unfinished look inside Purpose Built’s new office space, which features lofted ceilings and tall windows.
A winding black staircase snakes through white brick and concrete interior.
A two-story office and retail building is painted white at the bottom and complete with black metal siding on the top, where a cozy patio is found.
The newly completed office building where Purpose Built Communities has set up shop.
Another view of the office and retail building, featuring white brick and tall windows.
The ground floor of the office and retail building is painted white with black and wooden accents.
A black metal staircase brings workers to Purpose Built’s new office in an open-air space.