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Pinewood Forest’s tiny home village is (almost) ready for its close-up

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Micro collection south of Atlanta is wrapping construction for upcoming tour event

One micro option called the Forest Loft.
One micro option called the Forest Loft.
Images courtesy of MicroLife Institute

The latest additions to Pinewood Forest’s housing stock could be better suited to space-conscious, starving artists than Hollywood moguls.

Situated across the road from massive Pinewood Atlanta Studios, about 15 miles south of the Atlanta airport, the mini-city concept that bills itself as a hub for storytellers, entrepreneurs, and creators of tomorrow is also now the site of a tiny home village.

The six homes built on site (a seventh was delivered last year) are described by officials as the country’s first micro houses to be powered fully by solar and geothermal energy.

Ranging from 375 to 500 square feet, the homes include energy efficient appliances and fixtures, all overlooking 50 acres of forest and a bike path that circles Pinewood.

Construction is finishing now for a public tour of the village planned for July 20.

Will Johnston, executive director of MicroLife Institute, which is cohosting the tour, tells Curbed Atlanta the tiny offerings will be available for lease and not for sale, unlike other properties around Pinewood.

The 235-acre new urbanist community is rising from a former Fayetteville pasture, with plans for a mixed-use central plaza and about 100 acres of green space.

For-sale home options around the community span from $399,900 to nearly $1.2 million at the moment.

The tiny village site plan at Pinewood Forest.

Pinewood Forest’s first micro home—a 325-square-foot prefab by Austin-based Kasita—arrived in May last year. It’s serving as a model and isn’t for sale either, the Fayetteville Citizen reported.

Elsewhere in metro Atlanta, the Clarkston City Council green-lighted a tiny home project in May—“The Cottages on Vaughan”—described by officials in that DeKalb County city as Georgia’s first true neighborhood of micro houses.

Spanning just half an acre, the eight-home Clarkston project offers floorplans ranging from 250 to about 500 square feet, with prices between $100,000 and $110,000.

In Pinewood Forest, various styles that are finishing construction now are depicted in renderings below.

UPDATE: Below are photos of homes finishing now, as provided today by the MicroLife Institute.