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At $850K, Reynoldstown modern is aiming (almost) for neighborhood record

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Stucco-clad four-bedroom off Moreland Avenue stands out

A white modern house with real wood slats and a sloped roof.
The sloped-roof approach at 1136 Boulevard Drive NE.
Virtual Properties Realty.Net

With the exception of landscaping promised in renderings last year (maybe plantings are TBD until cooler months?), this modern-style Reynoldstown project appears to have stayed true to its initial vision.

The initial price is another matter.

Lording over a new commercial project that includes Hodgepodge Coffee’s latest outpost, just off Moreland Avenue, the four-bedroom contemporary has listed with Virtual Properties Realty.Net for $849,900.

Reynoldstown, now Beltline-connected and swelling with investment on all sides, has been smoking hot, as they say, for years. But this property initially listed, prior to construction last year, for $200,000 less—a substantial difference.

That being said, a half-dozen R-town townhomes and houses have traded for more than $800,000 in the past year or so.

Horizontal windows are shown on two walls while wood carries from the fireplace surround across the ceiling.
In the main living space, horizontal windows provide light while wood carries from the fireplace surround across the ceiling.

Beyond the soaring, minimalistic facade, with its white stucco and wood accents for warmth, this property brings 2,467 square feet and three bathrooms. It’s as open as you’d expect—with design surprises involving wood that you wouldn’t.

The 86 WalkScore (surely a nod to nearby Edgewood Retail District, along with the Beltline) could help soothe buyers pained by the lack of a garage, although there is a two-car parking pad in the back.

Should it fetch its asking price, it’d be the second highest single-family home sale in Reynoldstown, following a much larger modern-style residence (3,700 square feet) that eventually went for $860,000 in March.

The lot sold for $135,000 three years ago, records indicate.

The kitchen’s described as “masterful,” the mudroom “practical,” and the overall offering “a house like none other.”

A kitchen white dark cabinetry and a wood island.
Wood accents carry into the kitchen, where appliances are promised before closing.
A kitchen with white cabinetry and dark cabinets.
Kitchen views toward the home’s front.
A dark floating vanity with two sinks and mirrors.
Moving upstairs, the master bathroom. [Caption updated and corrected].
A white-walled bedroom with wood floors and ceiling fan.
A bedroom that reflects the roof’s slant.
A master bathroom with dark cabinetry and a toilet at right.
Secondary bathroom.
A walk-in shower with white marble and a tub.
The walk-in shower and tub.
A white modern house shown from the back.
The parking pad and back porches.
A white modern house with a sloped roof shown from the front.
Another look at the facade and towering entryway.