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Developer insists Midtown’s long-anticipated No. 2 Opus tower will break ground this fall

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Fate of the tallest skyscraper slated to rise in Atlanta has been mired in uncertainty for years

Developers expect the shimmering glass edifice, as seen here in a rendering from the north, to finish in two years.
An early rendering shows No. 2 Opus Place when it was designed to be taller. The oft-delayed project has been downsized in recent years.
Renderings by ArX Solutions, via No2 Opus Place.

New details have emerged for what many consider Atlanta's most anticipated—and perhaps most elusive—tower development.

For years, the multi-tower Opus Place project has been shrouded in uncertainty, leading some observers to wonder if it will ever happen.

New York-based developer Olympia Heights bought the Midtown project site some five years ago and has teased—and postponed—a number of construction timelines.

Most of the hubbub surrounding the ambitious project has centered around plans for No. 2 Opus Place, a proposed 55-story building that would house 195 luxury condos—many of which have already sold, per developers—above seven floors of office space at 98 14th Street.

And this week, Olympia Heights’s director of developments Roni Avraham shared yet another new timeline for No. 2 Opus Place with Curbed Atlanta.

Site work is already underway, says Avraham, noting that trees on the property have been felled.

Construction is scheduled to begin in earnest in November, he adds.

The tower would top out in January 2022 and be finished in October 2022, according to an updated project calendar.

Yates Construction was recently tapped to perform site work—as well as some design assist work, according to Bisnow.

A backhoe and construction truck in a large pit with buildings around.
Heavy equipment activity spotted at the site in June.
Curbed Atlanta

But Olympia Heights still needs to enlist a general contractor, something officials told Curbed in December would be happening in early 2019.

While No. 2 Opus Place would be the centerpiece of what’s been billed as a massive project, it could also share the site with another tower or two.

The second phase of the project, however, is still tentative. There could be a hotel, apartments, more condos, or something else.

But there are some facets, Avraham says, the developer definitely wants at Opus Place: “We want to have a WeWork-style community office space, high-end retail, restaurants—expensive ones and cheap ones,” he tells Curbed.

All in all, the site could house around 600 or 700 residences, Avraham says.

But with the way things have gone for eagerly awaited No. 2 Opus Place, it might be best to not hold your breath.