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How to own a very big house for less than $400K in Atlanta’s smallest neighborhood

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Listing agency: At nearly 4,000 square feet near the Beltline and downtown, this place is an anomaly

A multistory brick home with large windows and two brick staircase entries.
The exterior’s brick carries inside at 86 Morris Brown Drive, in the Just Us neighborhood.

In a nod to Atlanta's Just Us neighborhood, Sandy Hafeez posed this question in a recent email: “Where else in Atlanta can you get almost 4,000 square feet, move-in ready, for under $400,000?”

It’s a good question. And the answer could be “almost nowhere,” with the exception of subdivision properties in the extreme southwestern corner of city limits.

Hafeez, an Erika Brown and Associates spokesperson and Westside resident herself, notes that the updated property stands around the corner from the Beltline’s Westside Trail, with downtown 10 minutes in the other direction, boosting the property’s cachet.

Like the sheer size, however, the home’s price makes it an anomaly as well; it’s the only non-pending house for sale in the area—between Interstate 20 and Washington Park, at least—in the $400,000 range right now.

With five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and north of 3,800 square feet, it has to be among the largest houses in the tiny neighborhood known for ranches and more modestly sized bungalows on large, tidy lots.

Counting only about 60 homes, Just Us—named for its exclusiveness and communal vibe—is the smallest of 242 neighborhoods and 16 “neighborhood areas” officially recognized by the City of Atlanta.

A photo of a neighborhood with brick homes and trees and blue sky.
This small, triangular park pays homage to Just Us’s first president, humanitarian and educator Margaret Davis Bowen.
Curbed Atlanta

Positioned just south of MLK Jr. Drive, near Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, it’s a large property geared toward growing families or maybe work-from-home couples who really covet personal space.

The house, built in 1954, still has a few rough edges, with at least one dated bathroom and a sizable—but raw—basement area.

On the flipside, the two fireplaces, three separate living spaces, charming hardwoods, and truly enormous master bedroom with a sleekly renovated en suite bathroom could all appeal to hunters of big houses.

Priced at $399,900 via Homesnap, 86 Morris Brown Drive listed last week.

A photo of couches and a fireplace.
A sitting area or living room, off the entry.
A photo of a dining room with chairs and a white kitchen.
The kitchen and dining combo, with an abundance of brick.
A photo of a bedroom with a bed and fireplace and whitish walls.
Roomy master bedroom.
A bathroom with a tub and black vanity that’s large.
The redone master bathroom.
A photo of a bedroom with toy and a bunkbed.
One of five bedrooms, configured for children’s use now.
A photo of a refrigerator.
Where brick, stainless, and barn door meet.
A photo of a shower with a million little nozzles.
Multi-nozzle shower in the master.
A photo of a brick house with large windows.
The home’s relative immensity is apparent from the open backyard.