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Midtown’s Arts Center MARTA Station primed for another artsy update

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Spruce-ups continue around the busy station, with a livelier West Peachtree frontage planned

A rendering of the Arts Center MARTA station, as seen from West Peachtree Street, with new green space and colorful signage.
How the Arts Center MARTA stop plans to really own its name along West Peachtree Street.
Midtown Alliance

Considering its proximity to Midtown attractions such as the High Museum of Art, the Woodruff Arts Center, and the Museum of Design Atlanta, one might expect the Arts Center MARTA Station to be a tad more, well, artsy.

Sure, the train station features a few creative elements, such as the colorful window decorations and brightly painted community piano.

But after Midtown Alliance and MARTA complete another planned update—this time a transformation of the station’s West Peachtree Street stoop—the area could really come alive.

Six window panes inside the MARTA station are decorated with colorful, abstract designs.
Window decorations installed as part of the “Porch” project.
Midtown Alliance

Three years ago, the Arts Center stop underwent an upgrade that created the “Porch.”

That initiative brought brightly colored seating, the window fixtures, and the piano, among other welcoming additions, to the station’s east side.

Now, the West Peachtree plaza is slated to receive new green space, seating, and lighting that’s expected to make the place pop.

“We want to be clear to people that this is called Arts Center Station for a reason and cross-pollinate between transit riders and art patrons,” said Lauren Bohn, project manager for urban design and placemaking at Midtown Alliance, according to a blog post by the organization.

A young man plays the vibrantly decorated piano outside the Arts Center MARTA station. Midtown Alliance

Construction of the placemaking project is scheduled to begin later this month and could wrap by this fall.

Also part of the update, the community piano is on deck for a tune-up and a fresh coat of paint.

Local artist Jeremy Ray, who created the piano’s original design, told Midtown Alliance the new look will be something “a little make the piano pop.”