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Beltline Kroger primed for October 16 grand opening

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Eastside Trail users will soon be able to grocery shop without leaving a paved path—or getting behind the wheel

The project is seen from the beltline with a scooter ride and will offer easy access—and seating beneath the shade of trees, at left—for Beltline patrons.
Intown’s latest Kroger will offer easy access—and shaded seating—for Beltline patrons.
Curbed Atlanta

It's been nearly three years since the grocery store affectionately—and insensitively—called "Murder Kroger" shut its doors to await the wrecking ball.

And now, according to Atlanta INtown, the infamous Poncey-Highland grocery store's successor is nearly complete and primed for an October 16 debut.

The 60,000-square-foot “Beltline Kroger” is just one ground-floor component of a $200 million mixed-use development by New City.

The rest of the project, which is expected to welcome its first tenants in coming weeks and months, is the 725 Ponce office tower, a glassy, concrete structure lording over the Beltline’s bustling Eastside Trail.

A concrete-framed, glassy office tower stands 12 stories over the Beltline and Kroger.
725 Ponce, standing 177 feet tall.

725 Ponce, which was designed by S9 Architecture and topped out last summer, has inked a few major tenants: downtown-based consulting company McKinsey & Co.; coworking colossus WeWork; and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, which will claim more than 120,000 square feet.

The development also features outdoor parking and an underground parking deck where Beltline patrons can stash their cars.

A blue Kroger logo hangs above a door blocked by construction fencing.
An entrance to Kroger facing the Eastside Trail.

Ground-floor restaurant tenants at the complex have not yet been announced, Atlanta INtown reported.

But the revamped area features plenty of outdoor seating, complemented by water features in the plaza linking the Beltline to the parking area.

The Kroger looks small beneath the shadow of 725 Ponce.
The side of the development facing Ponce de Leon Avenue.
725 Ponce lords over the Beltline, with people on e-scooters below.
The new Eastside Trail split, in the foreground.