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SunTrust Park’s new name will be unveiled next week. Any last-minute suggestions?

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Pretend the powers that be are listening

A large brick stadium with an open top is seen next to an empty road.
Welcome to _____ _____.
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Heading to Cobb County’s mega fanplex to catch a Major League ballgame this spring will no longer entail a visit to SunTrust Park, at least not by that name.

The AJC is reporting the stadium’s official new name will be unveiled during a Tuesday ceremony. (WSB-TV reported Wednesday that “SunTrust Park” signage around the stadium has already been removed; keep an eye on eBay.)

Following the merger of SunTrust and BB&T banks last year, the writing was on the wall that the days of Atlanta Braves playing at “SunTrust Park” were numbered. After three seasons, fans were just starting to warm to the sound of spending summer evenings at SunTrust, and some have expressed displeasure the name would be altered.

Especially if the new stadium name sounds like a toddler’s adjective.

The merged banking company is now Truist—a word that didn’t exist a year ago but refers to one of America’s largest banking institutions, as CNN has noted.

Smart money says “Truist” will be in the new stadium title, and that “The Truist Coliseum This Side of The Benz” won’t be it.

Whatever the name, it’s likely to stick for a generation. Truist has assumed the remainder (22 years) of the quarter-century naming deal SunTrust struck with the Braves in 2014, as the AJC reports.

But let’s pretend for a moment that banking bigwigs and Braves brass are still scurrying to find the most appropriate stadium name, all things considered. Any suggestions?