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Inman Park bungalow, priced at $750K, is called a ‘treasure’ from 1925

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Surprise—a sauna!

A blue bungalow behind a stone wall on a hill with a white-trimmed porch.
The classic Atlanta curb appeal at 179 Battery Place NE.
Compass; photography by Michael Lothner

Tucked off DeKalb Avenue and practically in the shadow of Inman Park’s MARTA hub, this 1925 bungalow maximizes a small lot and represents the more modest offerings of a neighborhood known for grander residences.

Described as a “treasure” on its dead-end street, the three-bedroom, three-bath Compass listing overlooks a green space with a PATH trail segment that wends to the Atlanta Beltline, downtown, or even Stone Mountain to the east. Little Five Points is a few blocks away, too.

Locations do come worse than this.

At 2,040 square feet, it’s hardly pint-sized, but concessions might have to be made by buyers assuming $749,000 checks every single box in such a highly coveted neighborhood these days.

A front porch with ceiling fans and a lot of seating.
Dual ceilings fans and cozy seating on the porch, overlooking the green space at Inman Park’s southeastern section.

Beyond its pretty stone retaining walls and cozy, practical porch, the house has been thoroughly renovated, to now include vaulted ceilings, a handsome walk-through kitchen, and a totally unexpected sauna connected to a downstairs bathroom.

With its stone patio and many trees, the backyard is fenced and relatively private, but it’s about the size of an Alpharetta deck. It is sufficient, though, as the listing notes, for a small party or romantic Valentine’s dinner.

One knock is that the property has no off-street parking, but this lane is a quieter one, so that might not be such a headache for drivers. Alternately, a few doors down is the aforementioned MARTA train station.

A big blue and white living room space.
Beyond the porch and foyer is the vaulted living room.
A kitchen with conferred ceilings but no place to sit.
Coffered ceilings over the renovated kitchen.
A blue bathroom with a clawfoot tub.
A full downstairs bathroom with a clawfoot tub.
A sauna with much wood.
Joined with another downstairs bathroom is, of course, a sauna.
A dining room table beside some stairs.
Dining space between the kitchen and back bedroom.
A window-filled master bedroom.
Stairs lead up to this roomy, vaulted master suite.
A master bathroom with brown and pinkish tile.
Master bathroom upstairs.
A stone back patio with chairs.
The diminutive but (almost) maintenance-free backyard.