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Phoenix Flies to showcase amazing Atlanta homes, architecture—for free—in March. Here’s what to know

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Atlanta Preservation Center’s 17th annual event series to include walking tours, open houses, lectures, and more

A large white mansion with columns in front and a great lawn.
The Woolford Mansion, aka Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House.

Though Atlanta’s interest in historic preservation is often overshadowed by its propensity to demolish and build anew, there still exist crusaders vying to keep the city’s oldest and most important landmarks alive.

Exhibit A is on the horizon.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Atlanta Preservation Center will soon kick off its 17th annual Phoenix Flies event series, a showcase of walking tours, open houses, lectures, and more.

The events run from March 7 to 29—and they’re all totally free to the public.

Take a curated stroll around Little Five Points, learn about Atlanta’s African-American heritage and culture with tours around the historic Sweet Auburn district, or cruise through the fast-revitalizing Georgia Avenue in Summerhill.

Also on the events list is a feature of the Cator Woolford mansion, a 1926 behemoth surrounded by 33 acres of gardens and forest in Druid Hills.

Now called the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House, the former estate of the founder of the company now known as Equifax serves out-of-town guests who visit the city for medical purposes.

Phoenix Flies also offers tours of the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University, acclaimed for its collection of rare books and archival collections, and the Salvation Army Southern Historical Center, which is the organization’s Southeast repository and includes a museum.

Patrons can also expect walk-throughs of the Balzer Theatre, the Healey Building, and the Rialto Theatre, and the new-and-improved Fairlie-Poplar Historic District in downtown.

And all these events will be anchored by lectures at the APC’s headquarters, the circa-1856 Grant Mansion, which is regarded by many as “Atlanta’s most historic building,” per APC materials.

Check out some of the hot-ticket items from last year’s event series here.