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Fresh renderings: 34-story mixed-use project, residences bound for Midtown

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How the subdistrict’s latest development pieces are planned to fit

A rendering of the modern 34-floor building.
The vision for Greystar’s mixed-use high-rise.
Greystar, via Midtown Alliance

Early visions have emerged for two potentially significant developments in fast-evolving Midtown.

During Tuesday evening’s Midtown Development Review Committee meeting, officials with developers Greystar and Tenth Street Ventures debuted renderings of projects that promise new density for the subdistrict.

DRC officials have not yet published their recommendations for the proposals, but the fresh imagery paints a broad picture of what could be built at the two high-profile sites.

Greystar, one of the firms behind downtown’s parking deck-topping tower project and others, has pitched a 34-story mixed-use development that would deliver more than 314,000 square feet of new space for residences and retail.

Expect more than 6,000 square feet of restaurants and shopping options and 284 rental units, per early plans.

The project would be sited at 1382 Peachtree Street, where the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta has offices.

Development officials have not responded to Curbed Atlanta’s inquiries regarding what might happen to the existing structures. (Renderings don’t specifically show them removed.)

The development plans also call for a 12-story parking podium with more than 300 spaces, all where Peachtree meets 17th Street.

A ground-level rendering shows where a restaurant might go.
WeWork operates in the existing building at left, next door.
A wide-angle rendering of the 34-story tower project.
Another rendering shows a different angle of the high-rise development.
Another rendering highlights the proposal’s pedestrian access.

Midtown’s planning leaders also reviewed a proposal that would bring a six-floor residential complex to a property at the corner of 13th Street and Crescent Avenue.

The current plan suggests existing restaurants near the site—South City Kitchen, Veranda, and Tin Lizzy’s—would be incorporated into the development, or at least back up to it. The site is largely a paid parking lot now.

Midtown officials have not yet published their design recommendations on this project either.

But if the DRC’s recent advice is any indication of what suggestions developers are receiving, both firms can look forward to changes related to pedestrian-level accessibility.

A rendering of a new residential building fitting in with the existing construction.
The view along 13th Street, with Crescent Avenue eateries at right.
Tenth Street Ventures, via Midtown Alliance
An architectural elevation shows how the building would sit next to the restaurants.
A rendering of a colorful building.
Along 13th Street, with the restaurant structures at right.