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Can inventive architecture and low-$400Ks pricing lure buyers to Old Town Lilburn?

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The setting is described as a highly walkable Main Street neighborhood in the Gwinnett County city

A row of black white and brick houses fronting a street with trees all around.
The under-construction facades on Lilburn City Park.
Images courtesy of Springer & Company; designs by Rhinehart Pullium & Company architects

A new residential development in Lilburn is coming together with architecture that’s hardly humdrum suburban, bringing to mind a miniature Serenbe in the middle of Gwinnett County.

The designs by Rhinehart Pullium & Company architects—with details and craftsmanship inspired by Lilburn’s historical buildings and homes—are being marketed in conjunction with prices lower than most intown places, plus proximity to nearby shops and green spaces, to attract regional buyers.

It’s called Old Town Lilburn.

Prices for the semi-detached dwellings begin in the low $400,000s, with move-ins expected to start this month, according to Compass Development Marketing Group reps.

A site plan indicates more than 50 homes are in the works.

Floorplans comprise about 2,000 square feet and up, with either three or four bedrooms. Across the street is a newly expanded community hub, Lilburn City Park, which hosts festivals, playgrounds, music, soccer, and access to the Camp Creek Greenway.

Collectively it’s called a “truly walkable Main Street neighborhood” where denizens “can enjoy walking to cafes, pubs, restaurants, and quaint neighborhood shops,” per marketers.

UPDATE, March 17: The following responses to inquiries arrived from a project representative today:

Which floorplan does the low $400,000s buy? How high do the home prices go?

Some interior homes at Old Town Lilburn are listed at $419,900, currently the lowest. Residence 1 the brick end unit reaches $449,900.

Is the total home count 53 as indicated on the site plan?

Yes, there are 53 total homes available at Old Town Lilburn. There will also be 33,000 sq ft of commercial space, which will begin construction in the coming months. There are plans for a restaurant, ice cream parlor, and coffee shop.

It appears Building One is ready for move-in, when will the entire development be completed?

The entire community is projected to be completed within 24 months The second row of homes will be completed 30 to 60 days from now. This will complete all of First Avenue.

And now, renderings:

A huge with room with a kitchen and living room furniture.
A sample kitchen, dining, and living arrangement, with double-height ceilings in the latter.
A lofted master bedroom.
A kitchen.
Huge windows in a living room.
A dining and kitchen area with many plants and plates.
A white room with a lot of shelving.
A study.
A floorplan in beige and white.
The smallest available floorplan, shown in the middle white building below.
A floorplan in white and beige.
The largest available floorplan, shown at right below.
a rendering of black white and red homes in  crow.
Another exterior vantage.