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These Atlanta-based live webcams will help us all survive coronavirus cabin fever

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Virtual video escapes from around the ATL

A screenshot of a park in Atlanta with a lawn and grass and tall buildings.
The next best thing to actually visiting Centennial Olympic Park.

Everybody deserves a mental break now and then, but especially now.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic dominating everything, a mental escape in the form of virtual tours is a great way to support wise guidance from government authorities and medical professionals. Yes, staying home and washing your hands are good ideas.

That means it’s actually very convenient that Atlanta is such a heavily surveilled city. With all these video cameras, we have options when it comes to watching what’s still happening around Atlanta.

Below are a few of the best local webcam picks for anybody hankering for entertainment during prolonged spells of sitting down and chilling out:

Centennial Olympic Park

Setup by EarthCam, you’ll see a never-changing view of the downtown skyline, which if nothing else is reassuring for continuity’s sake. But you’ll also see a brave ATLien or two who is not only taking advantage of so much temporarily personal public greenspace, but is also by default respecting social distancing guidelines. As are you!

Georgia Aquarium

An aquarium with stingrays in it.
Ahh ...
Georgia Aquarium

The big downtown fish tank has five live camera feeds that offer a whole new aquatic world and fantastic POV, from beluga whales to jellyfish, African penguins, California sea lions, and Ocean Voyager, where you’ll see a variety of sea life (including whale sharks) just swimming right along like it’s any other day in the A.

WSB Tower Cams (Midtown/Atlanta Airport North and South Terminals)

It’s probably not the best time to get on a plane if it’s not essential to your job, especially if you’re expecting to be back soon. While local, state, and federal governments are considering (and in some cases, enacting) travel restrictions and mandatory stay-at-home orders, the idea of flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson is probably best left to the imagination until further notice. Still, planes are taking off and landing, and the spring weather offers pleasant views of pretend getaways. Let your mind wander!

GDOT Traffic Cams


Guess what you’re not having to deal with during all these temporary inconveniences? That would be traffic. Even if you’re in your car making quick runs to wherever’s necessary—and please keep it to that for now—you can marvel at what Atlanta’s interstates, highways, and busiest streets look like when they aren’t covered in mechanical cake frosting of car traffic.

So yes, check out all the GDOT cameras for what’s sure to be a fleeting example of how life commuting in Atlanta could be, hopefully without the dystopian vibes. It’s actually amazing to watch vehicles just vehicling. What a world.

ZooAtlanta Panda Cam

Real Atlantans need no introduction to Ya Lun and Xi Lun, but everyone could use a reintroduction to ZooAtlanta’s webcam feed of the two giant panda bears, who couldn’t care less what the rest of us are dealing with right now.

It’s actually a mammal-led masterclass on how to chill your way through tough times. Take a nap! Get up and walk around, but not with too much effort. Chew on stuff. Take another nap! This too shall pass.