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Atlantic Station’s overhauled central park still primed for April debut

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Three new restaurants are bound for the expanding shopping district’s focal green space

A rendering of the new green space, which is flanked on all sides by restaurant and retail buildings.
The vision for the Atlantic Green project.
Renderings courtesy of Hines

Despite the global pandemic forcing some construction sites to a halt, or the entire development industry in cities such as Boston, many of Atlanta’s major projects are chugging along. Atlantic Station is no exception.

In late 2018, developer Hines closed the shopping district’s Central Park, planning to revamp it in a way that would nearly double its green space and provide more spacious functionality.

Hines officials tell Curbed Atlanta this week the new park, dubbed “Atlantic Green,” is now wrapping up construction and on track for an April debut.

The project entailed razing a few restaurant and retail buildings that officials felt had cluttered the central green space.

The changes create a pedestrian-friendly channel from Atlantic Station’s 17th Street corridor to the Regal Cinemas, one of its main attractions.

An overhead rendering illustrates how the park will open up to pedestrians, leading from 17th Street toward the movie theater.

Expect new restaurants to flank the focal green space on all sides.

As previously announced, a HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern is projected to open in the summer, after the park’s unveiling.

And on Wednesday, Hines representatives announced HOBNOB would be joined by Azotea Cantina, a 4,000-square-foot Mexican spot with a rooftop patio, and envegan, which will claim 1,600 square feet and offer vegan fare.

Azotea is expected to come online around the same time as HOBNOB, and envegan is slated for a fall debut.

In other Atlantic Station news, the district’s new timber-framed office stack, T3 West Midtown, recently secured a lease with Facebook.

The social media giant is expected to claim 36,000 square feet—the building’s entire top floor.