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Formerly Old Fourth Ward’s priciest listing, 2019 remodel undergoes $280K discount

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Can virtual staging and a “MAJOR PRICE IMPROVEMENT” finally do the trick?

A large blue gray home beneath a blue sky with much grass in the front yard.
482 Parkway Drive is no longer a million-dollar property.
Photography via Southstar Real Estate Partners; staging: VHT Studios

When this Old Fourth Ward new-build listed at $1,175,000 in June, it wasn’t just the neighborhood’s priciest listing at the moment—it was aiming to set the all-time sales record for standalone, private houses in the historic and famously gentrified neighborhood.

A series of five discounts started the following month and have continued through this year, now totaling $280,000.

That’s what a revised listing calls, in all-caps, a “MAJOR PRICE IMPROVEMENT.....GREAT VALUE!!”

Expanded last year with a second story to 3,600 square feet, the house is positioned on the western side of Old Fourth Ward, between Boulevard and Central Park.

It’s listed with Southstar Real Estate Partners for $895,000 and now employs virtual staging in several rooms to help fill the gaps in buyers’ imaginations.

In the $800,000s, it has less competition than Atlantans might expect in O4W—less than a half-dozen competing properties, including duplexes.

Per the listing, the builder’s craftsmanship and attention to detail shine throughout, while maple hardwoods and a large, flexible, finished basement room with a half-bath could serve a variety of purposes, from mini cinema to home office.

Despite the priced adjustments, the rocky backyard situation, shared driveway, and lack of covered parking could still be a sticking point with Atlanta buyers in the $850,000+ range.

On the flipside, the covered, wraparound, elevated back deck is still primo.

A huge living room space with fake furniture in it.
The home’s expansive living, dining, and kitchen combo, as seen with hypothetical furnishings.
A den with virtual furniture inside it, and white walls.
A virtually decorated den, off the entry and porch.
A white and large master bedroom with a sliding door at right.
How the master bedroom could look.
A gray master bathroom with a large shower at right.
An array of showerheads in the master bathroom.
A huge deck with a ceiling fan overhead.
Beneath a ceiling fan, the raised back deck is inarguably an amenity.
A huge back deck of a gray home with a yard full of rocks.
The backyard parking and landscaping situation either hasn’t been changed since last summer, or listing photos haven’t been updated.