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First look: Pullman Yard redevelopment vision unveiled in Kirkwood

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Renderings give clearest indication yet how project that melds Hollywood with mixed-use might look

A rendering of the forthcoming Pullman Yards concept in Kirkwood.
The concept, with a new sign atop the 27-acre property’s most recognizable building.
Renderings courtesy of Atomic Entertainment

The largest undeveloped piece of land on Atlanta’s eastside is having a moment in the spotlight.

Dotted with nearly a dozen inimitable old structures, Kirkwood’s 27-acre Pratt-Pullman Yard should soon begin its transformation from a blighted, postindustrial filming location into a mixed-use hub with a Hollywood twist.

Now, the first images for what that conversion could look like have emerged.

Pullman Yard owner Adam Rosentfelt, head of development and film production group Atomic Entertainment, tells Curbed Atlanta that city officials formalized a Pratt-Pullman landmark district in late November that protects historically significant buildings on the site and green-lights redevelopment.

Below, have a look at how big ideas at what’s being rechristened “Pullman Yards” might materialize:

The overall vision. The residential component—with a possible combination of townhomes and apartments—is at far left. In the foreground is a forest included in the property that could host walking trails and guest treehouses associated with the planned boutique hotel.

Central to the project would be a green public gathering space (below) for movies and concerts, with former train bays converted to a “food bazaar” for vendors, with spaces facing outdoors and into the interior of a planned boutique hotel.

How the central lawn looks now, with the planned food bazaar and boutique hotel—a former foundry—at left.
Curbed Atlanta
The lawn’s potential look. At left is an existing building planned to become a soundstage. The sawtooth building at right is likely slated for office use.
A closer look at the sawtooth building, one of two to be repurposed on site. The tracks would host a still-operable train platform that Atomic hopes to convert to a stage for movie screens and music performances.
Curbed Atlanta
Inside a sawtooth.
Curbed Atlanta
The project from Rogers Street, sans fences. Creative offices and restaurants are planned for the iconic, barn-like structure at left, with the soundstage at right.
The interior of the barn-like structure today, one of two on site. The boutique hotel is planned to be built within the other, catering mostly to the film industry. Built in 1904, these brick titans remain structurally sound.
Curbed Atlanta

Rosenfelt says permitting plans are in motion now. He anticipates construction will launch by June on the roughly $200-million venture.