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Chamblee warehouses to become offices, retail, restaurants

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North of the city’s MARTA station, Parkside Partners plans to create three new facilities from old industrial space

A two-story white brick structure.
A rendering of 5394 New Peachtree Road.
Parkside Partners via Chamblee

In the past few years, Chamblee has undergone something of a renaissance as new apartment, restaurants, retail, and office spaces pop up in the district surrounding the city’s MARTA station.

Now, Parkside Partners is hoping to capitalize on the prosperity—while retaining some of the area’s gritty industrial relics—with a three-site mixed-use project.

Billed as Eastside Chamblee, the project would transform three warehouses into office, retail, and restaurant space, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The project will rise on both sides of New Peachtree Road.
Eastside Chamblee

Plans submitted to the city show the three buildings—Row, Link, and Union—will provide more than 80,000 square feet of space for new loft offices, retail showrooms, and dining establishments.

Architecture firm Warner Summers is responsible for the design, which seeks to spruce up the 1970s-vintage structures with new windows, skylights, and a bit of architectural interest.

A two-story white brick structure. Parkside Partners via Chamblee

No timeline has been revealed for the conversions.