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13 townhomes floated for Midtown nook near Piedmont Park

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Plans call for four-story, modern-style residences accessible only by alleys

A rendering of modern townhomes near Piedmont Park.
How the project would transform a site that’s not exactly pastoral.
Office of Design

Just when it seemed that every decrepit apartment complex, grand old house, parking lot, and sandbox within shouting distance of Piedmont Park in Midtown had been claimed by relatively dense development, a proposed batch of tucked-away contemporary townhomes has popped up.

The latest proposal, Park Modern, would bring 13 four-story dwellings to a half-acre nook near the end of a stubby street called 14th Place.

The homes, all positioned around a 6,000-square-foot courtyard, would be accessed by existing alleys that branch off 14th Street.

The proposal was recently brought by Decatur-based firm Office of Design before the Midtown Alliance, which noted the townhomes would join a recent uptick in development activity in the northern reaches of Midtown.

Elsewhere in ITP Atlanta, the firm designed Inman Park’s Inman Green townhomes—built a decade ago on DeKalb Avenue—Decatur’s MODA Townhomes, and Virginia-Highland’s forthcoming The Milo.

Per Midtown Alliance, the area’s Design Review Committee supported the townhome proposal in theory, but requested that applicants coordinate with the Atlanta Fire Department “to assure reasonable accommodation of emergency vehicles” and check in with “the Midtown Neighbors Association and Ansley Park due to their adjacency and interest.”

No timeline or price points were specified.

The proposed site, tucked off 14th Street.
Google Maps

The Park Modern project would ostensibly have fresh competition soon up the street in Ansley Park.

A smaler project (below) of three luxe townhomes has been announced for Piedmont Avenue, on the site where the historic but hard-luck Craigie House—also known as the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) House—formerly stood.

TaC Studios via Allen Snow Realty