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Photos: Take a peek at Carter’s Georgia Avenue redevelopment progress

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Developer behind the Georgia State Stadium area’s redo is also dropping hints about tenants to come

a photo of a building on Georgia Ave
Some buildings are rehab projects; others are new construction. Georgia Avenue is changing fast.
Photos: Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

As developer Carter preps Phase II of its large-scale transformation of the areas around Georgia State Stadium, the first phase of redevelopment is showing very noticeable signs of progress.

A few months ago, some of the buildings standing along Georgia Avenue today didn’t exist. Others were in shambles. (Head here for our photo essay chronicling the Summerhill strip’s “before” condition last fall).

Now, however, many of the retail offerings to come are flaunting fresh exteriors, including new windows, doors, and awnings. Meanwhile, work on their guts is well underway. We checked in with Jack Murphy, a Carter director, for the latest intel.

Have a look below:

25 Georgia Avenue: “This is a restoration of an existing building with an addition added on. Roughly 750 square feet with a 750-square-foot patio. We are talking to a fast casual burger concept, but no lease signed,” says Murphy.
33 Georgia Avenue: “This is a new building,” says Murphy. “Two stories. Bottom floor roughly 3,000 square feet with a 1,500-square-foot patio. We are talking to a fried chicken concept, but no lease signed.” The top floor of 3,600 square feet could be office, retail, or combined with the floor below for a larger retail use. “We are also considering taking the second floor for our project office,” Murphy notes.
Turner Field—er, Georgia State Stadium—looms large in the background.
Inside 33 Georgia Avenue.
39 Georgia Avenue: “This is a restoration of an existing building,” according to Murphy. “Two stories. Bottom floor roughly 3,200 square feet with a 2,000-square-foot patio. We are talking to a Mexican concept, but no lease signed. Top floor is 3,200 square feet of office space.”
Curbed Atlanta
The 2,000-square-foot patio in question.
71 and 77 Georgia Avenue, flaunting a whole lot of patio space. Tenants have yet to be announced.
At 85 Georgia Avenue, Wood’s Chapel BBQ is slated to serve plenty of meat. The concept by the General Muir team will take a 5,200-square-foot space. It’s named for one of Summerhill’s first churches, established after the Civil War.
Carter doesn’t own the busted unit on the left, but the rest is shaping up.
60 Georgia Avenue will host Halfway Crooks Brewing and Blending. As with the barbecue concept, the business’ goal of opening earlier this summer didn’t pan out, but work is underway. Expect a rooftop patio on the second floor.
66 and 68 Georgia Avenue will host Big Softie Ice Cream and The Little Tart Bakeshop, respectively.
Some of Georgia Avenue, of course, looks like nothing’s changed thus far.
Carter doesn’t own these buildings.
The planned retail and residential layout.