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Renderings show early vision for hotel at West Midtown’s under-construction Interlock

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It’s a major component of development activity that abounds on Howell Mill Road right now

A rendering shows a white (uncolored) hotel stack with a mix of design patterns throughout. The hotel also has an outdoor patio area cut into the middle of the building. The background is a blue sky.
A conceptual design of the proposed hotel.
Renderings: Dynamik Design

Developer S.J. Collins’s full vision for The Interlock mixed-use has come to light. Somewhat.

A tipster recently forwarded Curbed Atlanta preliminary renderings for a Marriott Tribute Portfolio hotel slated to be built at the $450 million West Midtown development.

Images of the 161-key boutique hotel, sketched by architecture firm Dynamik Design, show a mix of design elements across roughly 13 stories.

Sited on 14th Street, the hotel would have a lower-level parking deck topped by rooms with private balconies and what appears to be an open-air patio space cut into the middle of the building.

Work began on the hotel’s podium in July.

Another angle shows the other elements of The Interlock, such as apartments and retail space. They’re also uncolored and surrounded by green trees and a blue backdrop.
The rear view of the hotel shows other pieces of The Interlock.

Development officials confirmed the legitimacy of the renderings in a recent call with Curbed, but noted that they are early designs, subject to change. Updated images are expected in a few weeks.

The Interlock is scheduled to begin opening next fall. It’s expected to ultimately feature about 200,000 square feet of office space, 100,000 square feet of retail, 350 apartments, and 70 single-family homes.

Construction kicked off in the winter, and, at last check, 65 percent of the planned office and retail space had been leased.

Incoming restaurant tenants include Velvet Taco, Cathy’s Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches, and the St. Germain French Bakery.

Office occupants are coworking giant WeWork—expected to claim 118,000 square feet, officials said—Slater Hosptiality, and Georgia Tech Ventures, which would operate a 50,000-square-foot start-up incubator.