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Fresh renderings: Vision for Cobb County’s tallest planned tower revised—again

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Elevator giant thyssenkrupp blends elements of past designs for project under construction at The Battery

A rendering shows how the tower will fit in with the Cumberland landscape.
The revised vision for thyssenkrupp’s upcoming headquarters next to Interstate 285.
Renderings: Gensler

What’s slated to be Cobb County’s tallest manmade, inhabitable structure has a new look yet again.

Designed by global architecture firm Gensler, the 420-foot structure is expected to house the bulk of elevator company thyssenkrupp’s new headquarters. It’s under construction next to SunTrust Park and The Battery, with plans to peer over Interstate 285.

Today, thyssenkrupp officials shared with Curbed Atlanta updated renderings for the high-rise portion—the exclamation point of the company’s potentially $200 million campus, as well as a major fixture in the suburban county’s urbanizing landscape.

A close-up rendering shows how the upper-floor event space would be visible from the outside.

A thyssenkrupp spokesman did not immediately respond to Curbed’s questions about what the updated designs mean for the construction timeline, but, at last check, the project was on track to go vertical this month and wrap up in 2021.

The new drawings blend some elements from prior plans, maintaining the sleekness of the tower—which once looked rather muscular—and, in some ways, reverting back to earlier visions for the glassy office block planned at the base.

The tower component has been designed to house test facilities for thyssenkrupp’s elevator concepts, which will travel not just vertically, but side-to-side.

As of September, the top three floors of the tower were expected to be reserved for event space, and the company’s business and engineering operations would find a home in the below offices.

A wide-angle view shows how the tower would lord over the Battery.
The latest plans for a project between The Battery and Interstate 285.
An older version of the rendering shows a tower with segmented accents on its side and a basic block for the lower office.
A much earlier version of the plans, when the tower was expected to feature beefy side paneling.