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Former church aims to be integral part of Chamblee’s Town Center project

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Adaptive-reuse venture will feature up to three tenants in the updated, 150-year-old building, officials say

White building with large yard.
A historic church structure seeks new life in Chamblee.
Photos & renderings courtesy of Georgetown Partnership

As Chamblee’s Town Center project continues to evolve, an innovative project looks to bring new business into the city.

Call it an adaptive-reuse revival.

At 5576 Peachtree, the 1880s property began life as the Prospect Methodist Church and later served as Biggar Antiques, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied structures in the area.

Today, the building awaits service as boutique office and retail space.

After preservation and renovation work in 2018, the structure is now ready to be subdivided into up to three suites, ranging from 1,818 square feet to 2,974 square feet.

Per marketing materials, the suites could be combined into one or two larger spaces, for up to 6,721 square feet, depending on the use.

Chamblee could see new retail and office space in a familiar setting.

Outside the building, expect 18 onsite parking spaces, with more than 15 street parking spaces.

This latest project in Chamblee’s slate of redevelopment is headed up by Georgetown Partnership, which redeveloped the adjacent Whaley loft office site.

Currently, no tenants have signed on at the project, but leasing is now available.

A potential interior look.
Most recently, the building served as the home of Biggar Antiques.
Originally, the building was constructed as the Prospect Methodist Church.