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Photos: Georgia Dome rubble, like 2017, is quickly going away

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A final, photographic salute to an Atlanta icon.

Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

The twisted hellscape that was the Georgia Dome’s remains is swiftly being cleared away, making space for the next use of this high-profile piece in ever-changing Atlanta.

The old Dome’s official demise (well, double demise) happened a little more than a week ago, and work is well underway to wipe the slate clean.

As we wind down 2017, and focus on a promising ‘18 across our fair city, here’s a Visual Journeys salute to the Georgia Dome (1992-2017) and its architecturally striking successor.

Midtown’s skyline can now be seen from Northside Drive because the Georgia Dome is no more.
Also new: these views of cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Looking back into the autumn, here’s the Georgia Dome, in its final days:

Standing Dome pics by Micheal Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
The protective screen that spared The Benz from (major) damages.

Signs of change in the vicinity aren’t totally about destruction, however.

Across the street from The Benz, site work for the forthcoming Hard Rock Hotel in Castleberry Hill is clearly underway. What Now Atlanta reports the adjacent Castleberry Point mixed-use piece is also moving forward, with plans for a 2019 debut.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

1414 Andrew Young International Boulevard Northwest, , GA 30313 Visit Website