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Leaves are changing throughout intown Atlanta, with Stone Mountain off to the east.
Leaves are changing throughout intown Atlanta, with Stone Mountain off to the east.

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And now for pretty autumn photos of Atlanta, because why not?

It’s been a hectic week. Life is beautiful. You deserve it

It’s been a wild, hectic week in Georgia. After a long campaign season. And there’s a bout of Holiday stress on the horizon.

So let’s take a moment to soak in the colorful autumn surroundings. This is the City in a Forest, after all. And with November upon us, the fall is finally, clearly arriving, changing the hues of so many oaks, maples, and myrtles like the built environment of Atlanta itself.

Because sometimes it rains on parades. Sometimes your candidate doesn’t win. Sometimes real estate professionals don't uphold appointments and you find yourself with a ready camera anyway and, hey, look at all these glorious trees around here!

Pops of red, yellow, and orange light up Spring Street, looking north at the Coda project (at right) and The Standard, both under construction.
The maples are popping in front of The Benz.
The Fox Theatre and changing hues of Peachtree Street from Midtown’s lilli tower.
Leaves are starting to match the bright red of this Atlanta icon.
Yellows highlight a downslope of North Avenue, looking into Midtown toward Bank of America Plaza.
Train tracks leading into downtown as they run beneath Marietta Street.
Trees are changing colors over the top of the water treatment plant off Howell Mill Road.
Lastly, a look down onto Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown, with the changing trees and high-rises of Buckhead far beyond.

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