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Jason Flynn is a stand-up comic, journalist and cook in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Streetcar Still Battling Media, Misconceptions

A recent letter from the Georgia Department of Transportation set an ultimatum for streetcar solutions for what it says are outstanding maintenance and staffing shortfalls. Is that the latest batch of streetcar troubles, or something overblown?

Coming Soon to Atlanta: Bona Fide Bike-Share Program!

Not terribly long from now, Atlanta will join other world-class, aspirational cities like New York City, London, and Berlin. No, we aren’t getting a regionally convenient train system or a newfound appreciation for history. Bike-shares are coming!

America's First Pop-Up Vineyard Comes to Midtown

"Transforming vacant urban spaces into pocket parks and gathering places is a priority for Midtown, and Vineyard in the City is an exciting and unique approach to accomplishing this," said Kevin Green, President and CEO of Midtown Alliance.

Vine City is Optimistic That Renaissance is Coming

It’s a neighborhood that, for the last 10 years, has been on the fringe of some of the biggest development in the city, but hasn’t seen much positive impact as a result. Forty percent of homes in the area are still vacant.

Redevelopment Puts Toy-Giving ATL Nonprofit in Pinch

If anyone is feeling generous and has a warehouse to gift-out, subsidize, or sell, here’s a great opportunity. The Empty Stocking Fund sends gifts to children in poverty around metro Atlanta.

Photos: How MARTA Has (and Hasn't) Changed Since 1970s

All aboard, Atlanta, for a time-traveling transit trip involving everyone's favorite underfunded system! MARTA service began in 1972 after the agency bought the previous Atlanta Transit Company. At the very beginning, it was a bus-only system.

Atlanta Streetcar Ridership Down, but Consistent

The streetcar has taken some lumps lately, and signs point to things getting worse (at least superficially) before they get better. Some would argue that ridership numbers this year don't mean all that much, though.

Curbed Comparisons: Atlanta's Luxe 1-Bedroom Apartments

From downtown to Inman Park and Buckhead, one thing is increasingly clear: Neighborhoods determine prices in luxury apartments. Especially when it comes to one-bedroom units.

Grant Park Warehouse Reno Dubbed 'The Beacon'

The project at 1040 Grant St., a $20-million revitalization effort of six warehouses, has been dubbed "The Beacon." According to Pellerin Real Estate, the company expects the development to be the Beltline's "next significant lifestyle destination."

SunTrust Park Pedestrian Bridge Won't Fix Parking

Without a transit alternative, accessing the new stadium could be a total crapshoot. There doesn't appear to be a firm plan for moving visitors into the stadium. Just an underfunded — and likely to be underutilized — pededtrian bridge, and a prayer.