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Built by Tyler Perry, Georgia’s priciest house is (again) for sale, asking $25M

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The actor-director-producer set records when he sold the Buckhead mansion for $17.5M in 2016

An image of the mansion and its backyard pool
In Buckhead, this 17-acre estate could be yours for just $25 million.
Photos: Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

The outlandishly lavish intown mansion that Tyler Perry built is back on the market, flaunting the same mammoth price tag it had when the movie mogul tried to sell it in 2015: $25 million.

Perry did end up selling the house—a 35,000-square-foot estate sprawled across 17 acres in Buckhead—in 2016, after dropping the price to a measly $17.5 million.

Still, when Perry unloaded his French palace-inspired masterpiece, which reportedly cost around $40 million to build in 2007, he set the sales record for the most expensive residence in the history of Atlanta.

That deal saw Perry’s behemoth crib—which boasts indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom with a tennis court for a hat, steam room, sauna, and the whole nine for the absurdly affluent—change hands to David Turner, a televangelist and entrepreneur.

Turner took the Chattahoochee River-abutting property off Perry’s hands fully furnished, according to, citing divine intervention as the driving force of his purchase.

Turner told the publication, “God literally told me to come here. I went online and I saw this house, and that’s when I felt like God told me, ‘This is your house.’”

Now, it appears, God has other plans for Turner.

He listed the house June 28, via Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. And if he’s able to make a sale at or close to his daunting asking price, he’ll knock Perry’s name from the record books.

If the pricing inflation seems absurd, consider that, since Turner took ownership of the mansion in 2016, he’s retrofitted it with even more posh fixin’s, according to Mansion Global: The estate now boasts a new home movie theater, a 70,000-gallon infinity pool, and an outdoor batting cage, among other alterations.

With amenities of that caliber, the place is sure to cost a pretty penny. But will such swanky features be enough to coax a buyer out of $25 million? We’ll see.