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Expert Advice

The 12 best things about being stuck at home in Atlanta right now

The city might be shut down, but look on the bright side, heed expert advice, and we’ll get through this—while doing really weird stuff—together.

During self-quarantine, gather the family for these Atlanta home maintenance tasks

Perfect for kids of all ages, this to-do list covers those items (and others) you finally have time for.

Study: If more workers could afford to live in Buckhead, traffic congestion would subside

But is that feasible in such an expensive Atlanta subdistrict?

At No. 35, Atlanta snubbed in national New Year’s Day hangover ranking

For a city with so many great NYE events, breweries, and clubs, one might expect more heads to (still) be throbbing.

Study: Solving Atlanta’s traffic woes could hinge on better parking practices

Increasing parking fees and fines could encourage people to use mass transit, research suggests.

Metro Atlanta planning pros convene to find fixes for troubled permitting process

Said the city’s planning czar at recent meeting: "We have to change .... We cannot invest in a broken system."

Spiking construction costs are driving Atlanta developers to the suburbs

With job counts on the rise, Gwinnett County is seeing an influx of major multifamily developments.

Report: Metro Atlantans must make about $50K to buy median-priced homes

The region still falls on the "more affordable" side of the 50 biggest metro areas.

10 key takeways from the Beltline’s new affordable housing report

ABI’s Working Group wants to increase the affordable housing goal of 5,600 units.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Atlanta-based great-granddaughter talks design, her ancestor’s influence

Interior designer Melissa Galt praises and critiques the legendary architect, lambastes plans for Central Atlanta Library.

Perkins+Will architect: Atlanta should tap potential of Chattahoochee, Freedom Park

In an op-ed, landscape pro with the firm behind the Beltline asserts: "We can transform Atlanta’s identity from one of standstill traffic to a network of green."

Atlanta’s Generation Z could pay about $216K in rent before death

A new study shows that still beats the $226K national average for the "iGeneration."

Georgia Tech professor on why Central Atlanta Library must be preserved

Sonit Bafna had his students design their own libraries for the digital age.

On which spring month to list Atlanta homes, studies vary

But listing on a Friday or Saturday seems to be a smart bet.

Ryan Gravel: Atlanta needs ‘middle housing’ to brace for population boom

Atlanta Beltline visionary says the city must prepare for the consequences of crowding—and housing is a top priority.

Q&A: Real estate investor raps metro Atlanta’s ‘suburban renaissance’

"Most millennials grew up in the suburbs, and they are comfortable there," says Norman Radow.

Solar panels could sprout across Atlanta, thanks to new program

Bulk buying power could leverage lower prices and make the eco-friendly move budget friendly as well.

Developer: ‘gentrification’ necessary for Atlanta’s growth, education, arts scene

CEO behind Ponce City Market shares opinion about how the "bad word" can help boost cities, if displacement is kept in check.

Super Bowl 51 special: An insider’s guide to Boston, home of the Patriots

In honor of the big game this Sunday, we’ve teamed with Curbed Boston’s editor to provide the following insights about the Patriots’ home market. Consider it a friendly peek behind enemy lines.

SunTrust Money Man Talks Atlanta Boom and Bubble

As Atlanta plows ahead with post-recession construction projects, many have asked whether we may be creating a bubble. To better understand the economics of the boom, and possible overbuilding, we hear today from KC Conway of SunTrust.

Discussion on Downtown Atlanta Library Turns Heated

Atlanta's Central Library in downtown has become the focus of a debate about preservation in recent months following the reemergence of possible demolition plans put in motion years ago. Four folks in the know sat down to discuss plans last night.

On ATL Growth, Gentrification, & Annoying Millennials

Four movers and shakers in Atlanta's development scene recently came together to discuss the future of the city. Hosted by AIA Atlanta, the "Vision for Atlanta" covered a range of topics relating to where things are heading — and provided a chuckle.

Atlanta Casinos: Panelists to Ponder Possibilities

Despite recent news, a group of panelists — including the president of a casino and two economics professors — plan to discuss the ways in which potential gambling resorts in Atlanta could affect real estate.

Harvard: ATL No Longer 'Poster Child for Urban Sprawl'

Decades after earning the unflattering moniker, has Atlanta's image begun to change? According to the Harvard Political Review, Atlanta may be making a "U-turn" when it comes to urbanism.

Emotions at Play in Atlanta Home-Buying and Selling

Study shows Atlanta residents are patient, yet judgmental in the housing market.

How to Own a Roomy Condo in Heart of Midtown for $232K