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Atlanta Filming Locations

In Castleberry Hill, mega loft used in TV, films targets a whopping $2.85M

Customization possibilities are many with this early 1900s conversion on Peters Street.

Atlanta is a filming mecca, but will the industry eat us alive?

This week, 14th Street is standing in for New York City, but with the lights, camera, and action come headaches.

Pullman Yard transformation delayed as city aims for historic status

A moratorium on permitting for construction has been extended 60 days "in the community’s best interest."

2 Chainz’s now-famous pink Trap House to vanish from Howell Mill

Today is likely your last chance to catch a glimpse of the property used to promote Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album.

Family Feud’s exit from Atlanta Civic Center could be nail in the coffin

With departure of Steve Harvey show, abandoned Civic Center will continue to languish where Old Fourth Ward meets downtown.

Pullman Yard now officially belongs to Atomic Entertainment

Deal closes, solidifying plans to turn the old rail complex into studios, residences, and a neighborhood resource.

Pullman Yard sale annoucement stuns bidders as state selects developer

And the award for "Chance to redevelop a historic Atlanta railyard" goes to...

Avondale Estates, East Lake make appearances in new ‘The Founder’ flick

The story of McDonald’s founding is now out in theaters, but while set in the Midwest, the scenery is anything but. Thanks to Atlanta’s reputation as Hollywood of the South, it seems the city can double as everywhere else.

Another major film studio sets sites on ITP Atlanta

Valhalla Film Studios is transforming a former warehouse into a state-of-the-art movie facility in southern DeKalb County. With nine new sound stages and more than 200,000 square feet of offices, look forward to home-grown blockbusters coming soon.

Project near Pinewood Studios could be southside's Avalon

A new development planned by Whole Town Solutions, Pinewood Forrest, is slated to break ground next week, transforming 234 acres into a mixed-use utopia. Located adjacent to Pinewood Studios on the southside, it'll be ideal for Y'allywood sightings.

Brookhaven home from Katherine Heigl movie costs $1.5M

The five bedrooms and more than 5,000 square feet help to justify an asking price that now stands at $1.54 million. The screened porch/sunroom and immense patio are highlights.

Captain America Showcases Atlanta Church, Gulch, etc.

When "Captain America: Civil War" comes out at the end of this week, Atlantan's will likely recognize a few filming locations, including Peachtree Christian Church. Modeled after a Scottish abbey, the sanctuary stood in for an English church.

New 'Walking Dead' Tour Highlights Sites from Season 6

In Hampton and Griffin in Henry County, things are looking a bit undead these days, thanks to the popular series "The Walking Dead." A new tour offers a chance to check out places like Esco Field Mill, Bob-e-Que, and other recent filming locations.