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Actors and actresses in the show The Walking Dead are in zombie makeup and tattered clothing while walking down a street next to a blue building.

The Walking Dead: mapping 55 locations from the hit TV show

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Since the premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, hordes of fans have helped make Atlanta the zombie capital of the world. It has broken records to become the most-watched drama series in basic cable history.

If you're one of the show's estimated 16 million followers, you can take a tour of the filming locations from Atlanta Movie Tours (all guides have worked as zombies on the set) or use the following handy map to do a self-guided trip around some of the show's creepiest sets.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

[UPDATE 3/13/17: An additional 32 locations have been added to the map.]

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The Opening Scene

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Walking Dead fans will recognize this intersection as the first thing you see in Season 1, Episode 1. It's enough to give you chills.

An intersection with a car and a traffic light. The intersection is lined with trees.

Gas Station

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All Rick wanted was some gas for the cruiser but the little zombie girl in the bunny slippers just refused to back off. So he shot her between the eyes. And still, no gas.

A gas station with a red awning. There are trees surrounding the gas station.

Harrison Memorial Hospital

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"Good morning, Rick. How was your coma? Things are a little... different now." The hospital where Rick wakes up is actually the Atlanta Mission building. Proof that all that's needed to zombie-fy any area is the addition of military vehicles and some body bags with flies buzzing around them.

In the foreground is a parking lot with a van parked in one of the parking spots.  In the distance is a large tan building. There are trees surrounding the building.

Rick's House

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Rick used to live here. He rides his bike back after leaving the hospital and finds you can just never go home again.

A large house surrounded by trees.

Morgan's House

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Just around the corner from Rick's house, we find Morgan squatting in this lovely Grant Park home.

A large house. There is a path leading to the entrance of the house. The path is surrounded by grass on both sides. The house is surrounded by trees.

Sheriff's Station

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Rick used to work at this here sheriff's station before the apocalypse came and increased the unemployment rate to round about 99 percent. The "King County" sheriff's station is actually decidedly ITP.

A police station with a large lawn in front of it.

Siggard's Farm

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Rick stops into this farmhouse and makes a grim and disturbing discovery, but he does get a horse out of the visit. You win some, you lose some, right? The farm's exact location is 33.447257, -83.757239.

In the foreground is a large grassy lawn. In the distance is a white farmhouse and trees.

Rick's Ride Into Atlanta

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If you're Atlanta savvy, you know some CG effects were at play in this famous scene because that's Freedom Parkway, not 85, and there are no trains running alongside the highway. Still, it's pretty badass.

A scene from the Walking Dead where Rick is on a highway. One side of the highway is empty. The other side of the highway has many cars which are all standing still. In the distance is a city skyline with many tall buildings.

Tanks, Helicopters, and Hordes

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The series hasn't filmed in downtown Atlanta since Season 1, but man, when it did, there was some action to be seen. We're taking overturned cars, tanks, massive hordes of walkers, horror galore. This area was home of the building that reflected the helicopter Rick chased, rampaging zombies, and the tank he hid inside.

A city street with buildings on both sides.

The Survivors' Camp

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In Season 1, we find a whole mess of survivors hanging out at Bellwood Quarry. Heck, even Rick's wife and son are chilling there. Eventually, zombies drive everybody away (and to the CDC), but it was fun while it lasted.

An aerial view of Bellwood Quarry in The Walking Dead.

Abandoned Building in "Vatos"

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Although the Goat Farm looks pretty damned zombie-fied 24/7, the Walking Dead has only filmed there once, for the Season 1 episode called "Vatos."

An abandoned building with a red brick facade and multiple windows without any glass windowpanes.

The "CDC"

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The CDC shown on the show wasn't the real Centers for Disease Control. But you probably knew that because it was actually the Cobb Energy Center on the outside and (mostly) the Georgia World Congress Center on the inside. Only one film has ever been given permission to even use the exterior of the real CDC and that was "Contagion." That's probably a good thing.

A large building with a domed roof and many windows. In front of the building is a garden and a parking lot.

Southern Baptist Church

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The Southern Baptist Church of the Holy Light was actually Bethel United Methodist during filming and is now Mount Moriah Baptist. Nothin' to see but a few Walkers and a new sign.

An aerial view of a church.

Hershel's Farm

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The survivors' primary Season 2 home base is a farmhouse owned by Hershel Greene and his family. They end up there after Rick's kid (Carl) is accidentally shot by a farmhand. Oops. The place ends up being not quite as safe as one would hope. The point on the map points to the start of a long, winding driveway heading north to the house rather than to the house itself.

An aerial view of a farm.

Elders Mill Road

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In the Season 2 finale, our intrepid heroes leave Hershel's farm then find themselves out of gas and camping near a waterfall and pond. That camp site is here. The location in Senoia, Georgia, was Elders Millpond, once home of an actual grist mill in the 1900s.

An aerial view of a campsite with trees and a body of water.

The Prison

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Fans may be disappointed to hear that the prison, which serves as the main location for Season 3, is not a prison at all, but a soundstage on the back lot of Raleigh Studios. You can't see it from the road and can't go inside, so don't bother with a drive down.

An aerial view of a prison surrounded by trees.

ESCO Feed Mill

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Walking Dead fans will recognize the weathered ESCO Feed Mill from the opening credits as well as from some action-packed scenes. There's a woman in Haralson who runs interactive tours of the town in which you reenact what went down there:

A farm building and a mill.

Sportsman's Deer Cooler

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Sportsman's Deer Cooler, where Michonne and Andrea hide out for a bit, is actually a hunting shop in Senoia, and they didn't have to do a whole lot to make it look like a ramshackle butcher shop.

A shack in a clearing next to trees. There is a porch outside the shack with a table and chairs. The shack has a red and white awning and a sign that reads: Sportsman’s Deer Cooler.


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Yeah, there's a real Woodbury, Georgia, but strangely, that's not where The Walking Dead's Woodbury, Georgia scenes were shot. The fictional Woodbury from Season 3, where the governor and his folks hold court, is actually Senoia, a town that has also been a filming location for Driving Miss Daisy and the (unnecessary) Footloose remake.

A row of stores and restaurants. There is a sign in the foreground that reads: Senoia.

Woodbury Arena

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Look, when there's no more internet or TV, you're gonna need something to amuse yourself. Walkers are held captive in this arena until they are let loose to fight, gladiator style, for the entertainment of the people of Woodbury.

An abandoned arena building with a parking lot in front of it.

Steve's Pharmacy

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This windows of this little storefront in Sharpsburg announce, "Walkers Welcome!" but it's a safe bet Maggie and Glenn didn't feel the same when they went for supplies (and ended up getting sexy) there in Season 2. After shooting, the fictional Steve's Pharmacy was replaced by Toodles Children's Boutique for a while until it, too, became one of the dead.

The exterior of a store with a red exterior and white awning. On the windows are these words: Walking Dead, Steve’s Pharmacy, Walkers Welcome.

Big Spot

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Big Spot is a fictionalized Big Lots with fewer two-for-one deals and more undead shoppers. In the TV series, the store is the scene of one seriously wicked zombie storm from above. ("It's raining zombies" = not as fun as "it's raining men.") IRL, the parking lot belonged to now defunct Walmart and Winn Dixie stores.

A large parking lot is in the foreground. In the distance is a row of stores.


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Terminus is more than an early name for Atlanta. It's a train yard that promises "Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive."

In the foreground is a lot surrounded by wild growing plants and weeds. In the distance is a large red brick building.

Meeting the Governor

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At an old ESCO Feed Mill, Rick meets the Governor for the first time. Later in the Walking Dead timeline, Merle is later killed here by the Governor as well. An additional scene shot here was the silo scene where Daryl, Andrea, and Martinez are shot.

A farm silo and building. Words on a sign on the building read: Esco Feed Mill purina chows. Photo via Thrillist

Westside Reservoir Park

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Finally, reunited and it feels so good. It’s here where Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl.

A reservoir with rocky sides and trees. Photo via Wikimedia Common/Lincolnh

Graffiti Barn

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It’s because of this barn that the Governor starts calling himself Brian Heriot after seeing the name written on the walls. Other messages and names are also written on the walls.

In the foreground is a lawn. There is a grey barn sitting in the center of the lawn. Photo via Access Atlanta

Survivors find a church

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After hearing bells, Rick and the other survivors search for the source, discovering this church. While searching for Sophia, Rick, and other survivors, Rick and the other survivors instead find four zombies inside.

In the foreground is a lawn with various tombstones on it. In the distance is a church with white walls and a green roof. Photo via YouTube

Hershel’s bar

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Rick and Glenn search for and find Hershel near the pharmacy in a bar. In this location, two unknown survivors appear, asking to go to Hershel’s farm.

A bar with brown exterior walls and a green awning. There is a sign next to the entrance of the bar with words that read: Old Sharpsburg Auction. Photo via YouTube

Shane finds Lori

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After discovering that she went after Rick, Shane discovers Lori in this general location.

A man and a woman hug. There are trees in the background. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Dropping off Randall

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After attempting to drop Randall off at a public works building, Rick and Shane start fighting, thereby alerting nearby zombies. Yikes!

A road with one car on it. On both sides of the road are large expanses of grass. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Helicopter crash site

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If you venture to this location today, you won’t find a military helicopter, but that’s what Andrea and Michonne discovered when they were on their journey.

A black helicopter is flying over a green grassy field. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

On their way to Woodbury, Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne stay in a cabin, located in this general area. They later have to find a way to escape after the site becomes filled with walkers.

People run towards a wooden cabin in the woods.

Andrea’s hiding spot

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Need a good hiding spot? Here’s one, chosen by Andrea.

In a small clearing in the woods, there is a fire surrounded by stones. It is night. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

The location where the Governor kills Merle

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After hiding out in a building in this general area, Merle is killed by the Governor. Daryl later finds the body, but it’s too late by that point.

A man with an eye patch is choking another man. They are both in a warehouse. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Meltdown location

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The Governor has a melt down and kills many people from Woodbury. Martinez and Bowman find a way to escape.

Two men are in a car. One of the men has an eye patch. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Veterinary college

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Finally, something good happens. This time, Daryl is able to retrieve medication for survivors at the prison by heading to this veterinary college.

A large red brick building. Photo via YouTube

Abandoned house

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Rick and Carl find an abandoned house where they take shelter.

An abandoned green house. There are various pieces of debris in a lot outside of the house. There are many trees in back of the house. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Funeral home

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Here, Beth and Daryl take refuge for a while as the location seems to be safe.

A funeral home with tombstones and a tree outside of it. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

The house in a grove of pecan trees

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Carol, Lizzie, Tyreese, Mika, and Judith rest in a house located in a grove of pecan trees. Mika and Lizzie’s strange behavior eventually threatens their lives.

A house surrounded by trees and grass. Photo via YouTube

Abandoned automotive shop

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For one night, Daryl and a group of men he’s with stay at this abandoned automotive shop. The shop is beside a railroad track.

An abandoned automotive shop. There is a sign outside of the shop with words that read: railroad crossing. Photo via YouTube

Father Gabriel’s church

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After Rick and other survivors save Father Gabriel in the woods, Father Gabriel leads the group to his church.

A group of people sit in a dimly lit room. Screenshot of The Walking Dead

Gun store

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Time to reload! Glenn, Maggie, and Tara retrieve three suppressors from this store.

A building with a red brick facade and multiple windows. Photo via YouTube

Food bank

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Time for some more zombie attacks! In this food bank, the cast has to fight off some walkers, while trying to get some food.

The exterior of a white building.  A person walks outside of the building on the sidewalk. Photo via YouTube


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Finally, Beth wakes up in the hospital. Eventually, she has to tend to patients and find out who she can trust.